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Fish worship and the art of Ray Troll

Ray Troll
SOHO COHO Contemporary Art & Craft Gallery
Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Pacific Forum – 3:00 p.m.

Alaskan artist Ray Troll will share the twists and turns of his unique fish inspired career. Ray moved to the Northwest in the late 1970s and eventually on to Alaska in the early '80s with a couple of art degrees in his back pocket and a life long interest in natural history. He settled in the rain swept, coastal city of Ketchikan and began producing offbeat fish-filled T-shirts that soon gained him an audience with cannery workers, anglers, commercial fishers and scientists. His art has toured in exhibitions at major museums across the United States. He has co-authored and illustrated six books. The latest is an overview of his work called ‘Rapture of the Deep, The Art of Ray Troll’ published by the University of California Press with an essay by David James Duncan and an introduction by his long time ‘partner in slime’ Brad Matsen.

Ray's new book entitled Rapture of the Deep The Art of Ray Troll will be available for purchase and signing at this seminar.

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