Journeys in virtual space


Professor Tom Furness
Director, Human Interface Technology Laboratory
University of Washington, Seattle

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
3:00 p.m. Pacific Forum



Over the last decade, remarkable advancements have been made in computing and telecommunication technologies. In spite of these advances, the final few inches of the interface between computing machines and the human have not changed. People are still plunking on QWERTY keyboards and looking at flat screens. Unfortunately, none these interfaces take advantage of the way humans really work.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, Professor Furness will describe how virtual interfaces when connected with modern computers and telecommunications can unlock intelligence and link minds globally, while affording new applications for science, medicine, education/training, and entertainment. Professor Furness is the Founding Director of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Washington, which has spun off 23 companies in this field.

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