2002 Internship Symposium

Thursday, August 29, 2002
Pacific Forum

0825-0830 George I. Matsumoto

Welcome and opening remarks. 

0830-0900 Radoslav Bortelrado.jpg (1069272 bytes)

CANopen in AUV.

0900-0930 Nicholas HandlerNicholas.jpg (974450 bytes)

Biogeochemical and ecological provinces within the California Current system.

0930-1000 Molly Redmondmolly.jpg (1004766 bytes)

Evidence of microbial activity in the formation of authigenic carbonates in the Mendocino Fracture Zone.

1000-1015 Break
1015-1045 Thomas Storeythomas.jpg (1031076 bytes)

Technology Transfer at MBARI: Distribution Scenarios for Software.

1045-1115 Magdalena Gutowskamagda.jpg (1016590 bytes)

Determining chitinase activity in gastrointestinal tissues of fishes with varying depth distributions.

1115-1145 Shannon McVayshannon.jpg (994569 bytes)

Chemical effects on light emission by photoproteins.

1145-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Lisa Pickelllisa.jpg (1041602 bytes)

Using Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) to measure trace metal concentrations of iron and manganese in seawater.

1330-1400 Jelena Ignjatovicjelena.jpg (1059011 bytes)

Embedded Linux (How to make it small).

1400-1430 Break
1430-1500 Andrew Fischerandrew.jpg (1021754 bytes)

Adapting hyperspectral imagery for use in ocean process studies.

1500-1530 Stacy Jupiterstacy.jpg (998114 bytes)

Getting to the bottom of it: a paleoreconstruction of the -400m Mahukona drowned reef terrace.

Next: Sex determination: How to become a male or a female. Lessons from fish