Submersible science in Japan

Jay  Hunt, Ph.D.
University of New England

Wednesday, August 14, 2002
3:00 p.m.–Pacific Forum

This presentation will discuss the myths and misconceptions surrounding the process of producing science in Japan in general, by drawing on specific examples from submersible research projects conducted at the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center. JAMSTEC is the premier oceanographic institute in Japan, operating two manned submersibles (the Shinkai 2000 and Shinkai 6500) and several ROVs (Dolphin 3K, Kaiko, Hyper-Dolphin, etc.). Dr. Hunt spent six years in Japan using submersibles to investigate the ecology of gelatinous pelagic species. The presentation will discuss broad issues such as the role of technology and business in producing science at JAMSTEC, as well as offer some specific details and video clips from the Midwater Ecology Program. The emphasis will be on providing insight for those considering a research opportunity in Japan or those who routinely work on Japanese research vessels.

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