2001 Internship Symposium
Thursday, August 23, 2001
Pacific Forum

0840-0845 George I. Matsumoto

Welcome and opening remarks



Amos Winteramoslow.jpg (51207 bytes)

Building a LEGO ROV using the Mindstorms Robotics Kit

0915-0945 Virginia Rich

Ecogenomics of pelagic microbial communities: Pieces of the function puzzle

0945-1015 Patrice Pazar

Environmental policy and archiving: Creating a network infrastructure for marine monitoring programs

1015-1030 Break
1030-1100 Mark Jeunnette

Know the flow: Flow sensor integration for AUV and ROV applications

1100-1130 Lynn Tranlynnlow.jpg (55196 bytes)

DOING science on the internet

1130-1200 Veronica Lance

What controls bio-available iron concentrations in the photic zone of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary region? A conceptual ecosystem model of iron cycling.

1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Kristen Benchley

Puna Ridge ~ a submarine rift zone of an active volcano

1330-1400 Rachel Dunk

Carbon dioxide sequestration in the deep sea: Dissolution rates from pH measurements

1400-1415 Break
1415-1445 Amy Westamylow.jpg (57366 bytes)

Quantitative measurements in video: How lasers can give you perspective and pain

1445-1515 Mike Osborn

Molecular systematics of the cold seep vesicomyid clams: Calyptogena kilmeri and Vesicomya gigas

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