The coastal ocean as seen by the
Monterey Bay NOPP/ICON project

Jeff Paduan, Ph.D.
Naval Postgraduate School

Wednesday, October 25, 2000
3:00 p.m.—Pacific Forum

SST map of Monterey Bay, collected from a single aircraft flight,
 showing a fully developed upwelling signature of cool water across
the mouth of the bay and warm water in the northeast corner.

The Innovative Coastal-Ocean Observing Network (ICON) was a partnership of many regional scientists designed to exploit a combination of observations and models of the upwelling circulation around Monterey Bay. In the two years of the project, a good deal of new data was collected and a good start at circulation modeling and data assimilation was made.

This talk will focus on what we learned, both socialogically and scientifically. It will also highlight new measurements collected during MUSE (Aug 2000) as a bridge between ICON and ongoing programs.

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