Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
1999 Seminars
Jan 1
Jeff Ota, NASA Ames Research Center
The conversion of Mars Pathfinder 3D imaging technologies for marine science
Jan 13
William Reeburgh, Ph.D., University of California Irvine
Clathrate source for Black Sea Basin methane
Jan 15
Mike Rigsby and Lauralee Alben, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey Bay Aquarium E-Quarium overview
Jan 27
Jeff Ota and students: Chad Bulich, Jason Cook, Brad Perkins, Alana Laurence, Calvin Lwin, Aaron Weast, Trevor Wigle, Santa Clara University
The Triton underwater ROV project
Jan 29
Bo Barker Jorgensen, Ph.D., Max Plank Institute at Bremen
New microsensors and their use in marine research
Feb 3
Tierney Thys, Shape of Life
The Shape of Life series
Feb 5
Steven K. Roberts, Nomadic Research Labs
From BEHEMOTH to Microship- A Technomadic update
Feb 10
Nicole Crane, Monterey Peninsula College
Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center
Feb 12
Christina De La Rocha, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Silicon isotope biogeochemistry- Diatoms and oceans, present and past
Feb 24
Shana Goffredi, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
How to be the perfect host- The physiology of chemosynthetic invertebrate-bacterial associations
Feb 26
Peter Strutton, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Biological-physical coupling in the equatorial Pacific during the 1997-1998 El Niño
Mar 3
Jill Pasteris, Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
Geochemical analysis in a new Light- Applications of the laser Raman Microprobe
Mar 5
Russell Hopcroft, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute,
Mesozooplankton studies in Monterey Bay- A tale of three projects
Mar 10
Steven Haddock, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Bioluminescence in the deep sea
Mar 17
Brian Schlining, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Seasonal intrusions of equatorial waters in Monterey Bay
Mar 19
Thomas Chapin, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Long-term in situ chemical analyzers-works in progress
Mar 24
Thomas Naehr, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Gas hydrate decomposition and carbonate precipitation on the Carolina Continental
Mar 26
Grieg Steward, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Viruses in the sea- Distribution, dynamics, and consequences
Mar 31
Tom Guilderson, Ph.D., West Coast: Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; East Coast: Harvard University
Reconstructing ocean circulation using coral 14C time series
Apr 7
Jennifer Reynolds, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Construction of submarine volcanic rift zones in Hawai`i
Apr 14
Alistair J. Hobday, Ph.D., Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory
Faunal patterns and dispersal on kelp rafts in Southern California
Apr 16
Oscar Schofield, Rutgers University
Adaptive sampling of upwelling eddies at the long-term ecosystem observatory
Apr 21
John Ryan, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Satellite remote sensing- A tool for biogeochemical insight
Apr 23
Donald Weston, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Assessing bioavailability of particle-associated pollutants by mimicry of digestive processes
Apr 28
Gerald L. Crow, Waikiki Aquarium, University of Hawaii
Thyroid hyperplasia in elasmobranchs- Can it be a window to goiter in humans?
Apr 30
Sebastian Lippemeier, University of Kiel, GermanyPhytoplankton fluorescence- From ecophysiology to biotechnology
May 7
Thomas M. Powell, University of California, Berkeley
Realistic ocean mixing and coastal upwelling in NPZ models
May 12
Thierry Tonnerre, Geological Survey of Japan
Validation of the [TAMU]2 side-scan bathymetry compared to bathymetry along Shinkai 6500 tracks
May 26
Mark Denny, Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University
Ecology, evolution, and the mechanics of the wave-swept environment
Jun 4
Carolina Fayos, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Inter-annual variability of poleward oceanic currents off Monterey Bay
Jun 9
Mark V. Erdmann, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
New home for "old fourlegs"- The discovery of an Indonesian population of living coelacanths
Jun 11
Maria T. Maldonado-Pareja, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz
Biologically-mediated increase of bioavailable Fe in the ocean
Jun 16
Michael L. Domeier, Ph.D., Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research
PIERing into the future
Jun 25
Bonnie Carini, Ocean Drifters, Inc., Kealakekua, Hawaii
Midwater creatures off the Kona coast of Hawaii - From plankton to whales
Jun 30
Stuart Sumida, Ph.D., California State University, San Bernardino
Studying fishes - From Paleozoic paleontology to virtual reality
Jul 2
John O'Sullivan, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Employee Conservation Action Fund
Jul 7
E. Dendy Sloan, Jr., Ph.D., Center for Hydrate Research, Colorado School of Mines
Measuring hydrate thermodynamics and kinetics
Jul 14
Mario Tamburri, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Chemical ecology of deep-sea animals- Searching for food in the dark
Jul 21
Lars Tomanek, Hopkins Marine Station
Heat shock proteins, thermotolerance, and biogeography in intertidal Tegula snails
Jul 23
Liam Pedersen, Carnegie Mellon University
Robotic rock classification and meteorite search
Jul 28
Vicente Cassano, UCLA-OBEE
Shiner perch divergence and the phylogeny of the Embiotocidae
Aug 4
Ivars Peterson, Science News
The Jungles of Randomness
Aug 6
Karleen Boyle, UCLA; Krista Boyle, UCLA
Macroalgal bloom dynamics in a highly eutophic Southern California estuary
Aug 9
K.H. Schleifer, Ph.D., University Muenchen
In situ detection and identification of bacteria prior to their cultivation
Aug 11
Kai Hinrichs, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanosgraphic Institution
Identification of the microbial methane sink in anoxic marine sediments
Aug 18
Laura Hurley, Ph.D., University of Texas
Bats on Prozac- Serotonin in the auditory system
Aug 20
Alan Butler, Ph.D., CSIRO Marine Research, Australia
Pier pilings to seamounts- Studies of sessile animals in Australia
Aug 25
Karen Osborn, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Effects of Sargassum muticum on native marine communities
Aug 26
1999 Interns, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Summer Interns
1999 Annual Intern Symposium
Aug 27
Thomas C. Williams, Duke Engery
The modernization of the Moss Landing Power Plant
Sep 1
Marta Gomez-Chiarri, University of Rhode Island
Parasitic diseases in Rhode Island oysters
Sep 3
Kurt Schwehr, NASA ARC Intelligent Mechanisms Group & CMU Robotics Institute
Autonomous navigation for Mars Rovers
Sep 8
David Farmer, Ph.D., Institute of Ocean Sciences
Where the sea meets the sky- Recent studies of the wind-driven ocean
Sep 15
Herman Medwin, Ph.D., Ocean Acoustics Associates; Emeritus Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
An acoustical view of the sea- From ocean acoustics to acoustical oceanography
Sep 22
Tony Koslow, Ph.D., CSIRO Marine Research, Hobart, Tasmania Australia, and Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory, Pacific Grove, CA
Seamount coral reefs of Tasmania- Community structure, impacts of trawling, and conservation
Sep 29
Michael Begnaud, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
A seismicity study of the Monterey Bay region using a temporary deployment of three-component digital ocean-bottom and land seismographs
Oct 6
Rob Condon, University of Maryland
Morphological variation between Lion's Mane jellyfishes from Australian coastal waters
Oct 13
Edwin Grosholz, Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Ecological impacts and evolutionary consequences of the European green crab invasion
Oct 20
Wolfgang Zeidler, South Australian Museum
The other 99% from down under- Marine biodiversity in Southern Australia
Oct 27
Sönke Johnsen, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Transparent animals
Nov 3
Marc Stous, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Anammox- Bad luck or the tip of the iceberg
Nov 10
Andy Hadd, Ph.D., Molecular Dynamics, Sunnyvale, CA
Microfluidic enzyme assays and sub-microliter sample preparation for DNA sequencing
Nov 17
Jennifer Gordon, The Critter Company, Alameda, CA
Bioremediation- Let the healing begin!
Nov 19
MBARI staff, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Where was the RV Point Lobos? An intro to MBARI's new Expedition and ROV CTD databases
Dec 1
Robert Vrijenhoek, Ph.D., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Sex and the single fish - or what good is genetic diversity?
Dec 3
William Graham, Ph.D., University of South Alabama
Developing collaboration between ocean scientists and science educators
Dec 8
Malcolm Shick, University of Maine
UV sunscreens in marine organisms- Antipodean adventures on the dark side of sunlight