Employee Conservation Action Fund

John O’Sullivan
Monterey Bay Aquarium

Friday, July 2, 1999
12:00 Noon—Pacific Forum

The Conservation Committee at the Monterey Bay Aquarium invites you to join our Conservation Action Fund. Through your tax-deductible voluntary payroll deductions, monies are deposited into a fund that is controlled by both MBARI and MBA staff. These funds are then spent on local environmental restoration projects (revegetation with native plants, trail construction, etc,) in Monterey and surrounding counties, but not on support services such as newsletters, mailers, or office expenses.

In addition to your financial contributions, staff will have opportunities to volunteer their labor for specific projects funded through the Conservation Action Fund. There may be two to three projects a year from which you can choose, committing ~ 4-6 hours of your time.

To receive an allocation from the Conservation Action Fund, projects must be proposed by a staff member, either with the aquarium or MBARI, though a responsible party with the conservation organization can complete most of the paperwork. Proposals are reviewed annually in the fall by staff from both facilities who then recommend projects for funding, subject to final approval by Julie Packard.

Come July 2nd to learn more about this fund, how to join, and what projects aquarium staff has funded during the past two years. With your participation this fund can make additional environmental improvements throughout the Monterey Bay region.

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