The conversion of Mars Pathfinder 3D imaging technologies for marine science

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Jeff Ota
NASA Ames Research Center

Wednesday, January 6, 1999
3:00 p.m.—Pacific Forum

In August 1998, NASA, West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Research Center, U.S. Coast Guard, and Santa Clara University collaborated on a project to test the feasibility of vision-based 3D underwater mapping using Mars Pathfinder 3D imaging technologies. The imaging target of the technology/archaeology expedition, named the "Jeremy Project" after the student principal investigator Jeremy Bates, included the unknown remains of the 32 lost 1871 New Bedford Whaling Ships that had sunk in America’s biggest maritime disaster in history.

The seminar will discuss the technologies involved in capturing and processing the 3D images and the future research projects planned to further the development of this methodology.

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