Determining science requirements for a regional seawater research and teaching laboratory at Del Monte Beach

Don Brutzman and Jeffrey Paduan, Ph.Ds
Naval Postgraduate School

Friday, October 30, 1998
12:00 Noon—Pacific Forum

The Naval Postgraduate School proposes to restore three unused sewage treatment tanks on Del Monte beach to produce a Monterey Bay Seawater Research Laboratory. We want to provide a shared resource for all ocean scientists in the Monterey Bay region. Such a facility can provide a large controlled environment for regional researchers to conduct a wide range of scientific studies with fish, marine mammals, kelp, autonomous underwater vehicles, sonars, underwater video, diver training, current convection analysis, fisheries sustainability, etc. Partnerships with SeaCamp Monterey Bay, Marine Advanced Technology Education, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and other programs will maximize educational and mentoring activities. Funding will be requested to refurbish, fill, and maintain the test tanks and recirculating-seawater systems, and also for support buildings, classrooms, and live Internet video access. A regional advisory board will ensure fair use and open access.

We plan to summarize current plans for the first half of the seminar. We then hope to hear specific project examples and technical requirements from MBARI scientists and engineers. We are particularly interested in MBARI opinions regarding seawater quality and flow rates. This information will be used to ensure that the proposal enables construction of an effective regional research resource.

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