Sustainable Seas Expeditions
A project for ocean exploration and
public education

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George I. Matsumoto, Ph.D.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Wednesday, December 2, 1998
3:00 p.m.—Pacific Forum

Funded by the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund and the National Geographic Society (NGS), these expeditions comprise a five-year program of exploration and education in the National Marine Sanctuaries. These expeditions are led by NGS Explorer-in-Residence, Sylvia Earle, and former National Marine Sanctuary program director, Francesca Cava.

The goals of this program include identifying and cataloging the spectacular biodiversity in each marine sanctuary system to 600 meters and to establish permanent monitoring field stations. This type of baseline study is essential for conservation research. Public education is a high priority and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Education Panel has submitted a "Teacher in the Sea" proposal.

The workhorses of the program will be the DeepWorker submersibles, capable of reaching 600 meters. Designed by Dr. Phil Nuytten (Nuytco Research, Ltd. In British Columbia), the DeepWorkers incorporate many of the best aspects of the Deep Rover submersible. DeepWorker is a one-person system, which requires that the operator be trained as a pilot and as an observer. DeepWorker is designed to be simple to operate, and there have been several one-week classes of pilots being trained in the MBARI test tank facility.

This seminar is to provide you with an overview of the Sustainable Seas Expedition and to introduce you to the DeepWorker. To quote Andy Shepard (National Undersea Research Program), "When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon thirty years ago, many lives were changed. Wonder and excitement propelled kids and adults into new careers and interest in space. Perhaps these little subs will land on the deep-sea floor and similarly capture and propel new interest in the oceans."

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