Annual MBARI Summer Intern Symposium

August 21, 1998
Pacific Forum

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0850-0900 George Matsumoto Welcome and introduction
0900-0930 Truc Nguyen Information dissemination via the World Wide Web – building from an established framework
0930-1000 Leslie Cotton Phytoplankton photosynthesis: can we measure it using fluorescence?
1000-1030 Randy Bucciarelli The dissemination of Monterey Bay bathymetry and related data using geographic information systems: a CD-ROM entitled ArcView coverages of Monterey Bay, California
1030-1045   BREAK
1045-1115 Saundra Butcher Development of a DNA probe for Alexandrium catenella (Dinophycae)
1115-1145 Laura Lapham An experimental and theoretical investigation of methane
1145-1300   LUNCH
1300-1330 Magdalena Halt Chemically mediated feeding behavior in the hydromedusa, Mitrocoma sp.
1330-1400 David Heckman Finite element analysis of pressure vessels
1400-1430 Cathy Lash Temporal variability of the mineralogy and growth characteristics of chimney structures from Plume Site, southern cleft, Juan de Fuca spreading ridge
1430-1445   BREAK
1445-1515 Amber Golshani Testing the OsmoSampler for monitoring chemical variations in estuarine systems: Elkhorn Slough case study
1515-1545 Karen Giver A natural history of two midwater ‘spider’ genera (Family Munnopsidae) found in Monterey Bay, California
1545-1600 George Matsumoto Closing remarks

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