Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Laser Raman Spectroscopy
Technical Reports


  • Sherman, A.D., P.M. Walz and P.G. Brewer (2007). Two generations of deep-ocean Raman in situ spectrometers. Sea Technology February, 10-13. [PDF = 2.00 MB]


  • White, S.N., W.J. Kirkwood, A. Sherman, M. Brown, R. Henthorn, K.A. Salamy, E.T. Peltzer, P. Walz, and P.G. Brewer (2004). Laser Raman spectroscopic instrumentation for in situ geochemical analyses in the deep ocean. Proceedings of the Marine Technology Society / Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Oceans Conference, Kobe, Japan, 95-100. [PDF = 1.66 MB]












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