Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Research and Development Division
Research and Development Division

All phone numbers begin with (831) 775-xxxx

Name Phone Email Title
Jerry Allen 2042 jallen Machinist
Mandy Allen 1885 mandy Project Coordination and Compliance Specialist
David Anderson 2126 dmanderson CeNCOOS Program Director
Krystle Anderson 1962 krystle Research Technician
Doug Au 1744 audo Director of Engineering Development
Charles Bachy 1853 cbachy Postdoctoral Fellow
Fred Bahr 1827 flbahr CeNCOOS Product Developer
Jim Barry 1726 barry Senior Scientist
Aric Bickel 1987 abickel CeNCOOS Program Manager
James Birch 2062 jbirch Director of the Surf Center
Larry Bird 1916 bila Mechanical Engineer
Marguerite Blum 2080 mblum Research Technician
Holly Bowers 1894 hbowers Postdoctoral Fellow
Peter Brewer 1706 brpe Ocean Chemist
Kurt Buck 1747 buku Senior Research Specialist
Stephanie Bush 1891 sbush Postdoctoral Fellow
David Caress 1775 caress Software Engineer
Francois Cazenave 1961 francois Mechanical Engineer
Mark Chaffey 1708 chma Electrical Engineer
Francisco Chavez 1709 chfr Senior Scientist
Chang Jae Choi 2079 cjchoi Postdoctoral Fellow
Anela Choy 2072 anela Postdoctoral Fellow
Lynne Christianson 2021 lynne Research Technician
David Clague 1781 clague Senior Scientist
Danelle Cline 1947 dcline Software Engineer
Paul Coenen 2099 coenen Electro-Mechanical Technician
Luke Coletti 1831 coletti Senior Research Technician
Brian Dreyer 1844 dreyer Research Technician
Katherine Dunlop 1773 kdunlop Postdoctoral Fellow
Duane Edgington 1850 duane Software Engineer
Virginia Elrod 1983 elrod Senior Research Technician
Jon Erickson 1921 jon Mechanical Engineer
John Ferreira 1912 fejo Mechanical Technician
Frank Flores 2045 frank Mechanical Technician
Gernot Friederich 1713 frge Senior Research Specialist
Jules Friederich 1888 jfriederich Research Assistant
Kevin Gomes 2098 kgomes Software Engineering Group Leader
Annette Gough 1701 goan Administrator / Research & Development
Dale Graves 1913 grda Manufacturing Group Leader
Jian Guo 1819 jguo Postdoctoral Fellow
Magdalena Gutowska 2012 mgutowska Postdoctoral Fellow
Roberto Gwiazda 1828 rgwiazda Senior Research Specialist
Steven Haddock 1793 haddock Scientist
Andrew Hamilton 1861 hamilton Mechanical Engineering Group Leader
Cindy Hanrahan 1727 jocy Administrator / Research & Development
Julio Harvey 1789 jharvey Senior Research Technician
Kent Headley 1822 headley Software Engineering Group Leader
Richard Henthorn 2033 henthorn Software Engineer
Bob Herlien 1750 bobh Software Engineer
Brett Hobson 1941 hobson Mechanical Engineer
Christine Huffard 1839 chuffard Senior Research Technician
Hans Jannasch 1717 jaha Senior Research Specialist
Scott Jensen 2032 sjensen Electrical Engineer
Valeria Jimenez Thamm 2117 vjimenez Research Assistant
Ken Johnson 1985 johnson Senior Scientist, Chemist
Shannon Johnson Williams 1772 sjohnson Senior Research Technician
Brent Jones 2064 bjones Engineer
Kakani Katija 1952 kakani Postdoctoral Fellow
Chad Kecy 2039 ckecy Electrical Engineer
Brian Kieft 2070 bkieft Software Engineer
Bill Kirkwood 1707 kiwi Senior Research & Development Engineer
Denis Klimov 1914 klimov Electrical Engineer II
Alexander "AJ" Limardo 1873 alimardo Graduate Research Assistant
Chris Lovera 1892 lovera Senior Research Technician
Eve Lundsten 1972 eve Senior Research Technician
Roman Marin III 1859 maro Senior Research Technician
Tom Marion 1923 tmarion Electronics Technician
Eric Martin 1862 emartin Electrical Engineer
Gene Massion 1922 magene Mechanical Engineer
Thom Maughan 1865 tm Software Engineer
Mike McCann 1769 mccann Software Engineer
Rob McEwen 1863 rob Software Engineer
Paul McGill 1738 mcgill Electrical Engineer
Ed Mellinger 1730 meed Electrical Engineer
Monique Messié 1836 monique Research Specialist
Aaron Micallef aaron.micallef Collaborator
Reiko Michisaki 1739 reiko Senior Research Technician
Jim Montgomery 1742 jimm Electronics Technician
Craig Okuda 1931 craig Electrical Engineer
Tom O'Reilly 1766 oreilly Software Engineer
Jenny Paduan 1729 paje Research Specialist
Douglas Pargett 2073 pargett Mechanical Engineer
Mike Parker 1911 pami Mechanical Technician
Jennifer Patterson 2010 jpatterson CeNCOOS Information Manager
Charles Paull 1886 paull Senior Scientist
Edward Peltzer 1851 etp3 Senior Research Specialist
Tim Pennington 1715 peti Research Specialist
Josh Plant 1832 jplant Senior Research Technician
Camille Poirier 1842 cpoirier Research Technician
Christina Preston 1754 preston Research Specialist
Ben Yair Raanan 1904 byraanan Research Assistant
Wayne Radochonski 1852 rawa Senior Software Engineer
Kim Reisenbichler 1720 reki Research Specialist/Diving Safety Officer
Michael Risi 1834 mrisi Software Engineer
Bruce Robison 1721 robr Research Chair
Virginia Rodriguez 1701 vr Office Assistant
Brent Roman 1808 brent Software Engineer
Jose Rosal 1796 jrosal E-Technician Supervisor
Carlos Rueda 1929 carueda Software Engineer
John Ryan 1978 ryjo Senior Research Specialist
Carole Sakamoto 1737 saca Research Specialist
Karen Salamy 1820 salamy Software Engineering Technician
Mariah Salisbury 1893 mariah Administrative Assistant
Brian Schlining 1855 brian Software Engineer
Jim Scholfield 1765 scji Senior Mechanical Technician
Rich Schramm 1712 rich Software Engineer
Darrin Schultz 1735 dschultz Research Technician
Jeff Sevadjian 1888 jsevadjian Research Technician
Farley Shane 1756 shfa Mechanical Engineer
Rob Sherlock 1763 robs Senior Research Technician
Alana Sherman 1780 alana Electrical Engineering Group Leader
Jason Smith 1826 jsmith Postdoctoral Fellow
Ken Smith 1710 ksmith Senior Scientist
Michael Jordan Stanway 1960 mjstanway Software Engineer
Lisa Sudek 1887 lisasudek Senior Research Technician
Sebastian Sudek 2071 ssudek Research Specialist
Esther Sumner 1877 esther Postdoctoral Fellow
Josi Taylor 2053 josi Research Associate
Ray Thompson 2051 rayt Machine Shop Supervisor
Giancarlo Troni 1868 gtroni Postdoctoral Fellow
Mark Tynes 2049 mtynes Machinist
Bill Ussler 1879 methane Senior Research Specialist SURF Center
Robert Vrijenhoek 1799 vrijen Senior Scientist
Christopher Wahl 1746 cwahl Mechanical Engineer
Kristine Walz 1810 kwalz Research Assistant
Peter Walz 1740 wape Senior Research Technician
Patrick Whaling 1723 whpa Senior Research Technician/Assistant Safety Officer
Susanne Wilken 1869 swilken Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexandra Z. Worden 2122 azworden Microbiologist
Kevan Yamahara 1957 kyamahara Research Specialist
Yanwu Zhang 2028 yzhang Senior Research Specialist
Amy Zimmerman 1903 amyz Postdoctoral Fellow
Last updated: Feb. 26, 2015