Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Office of the Executive Director

All phone numbers begin with (831) 775-xxxx

Name Phone Email Title
Pat Allen 1724 pat Information Systems Administrator
Kathy BeVard 1722 kbevard Accounting Specialist
Peter Braccio 1924 braccio Information Systems Administrator
Neil Conner 1989 neil Information Systems & Database Administrator
Judy Copeland 1760 judy Payroll Specialist
Gail Escobar 2022 gail Accounts Payable Specialist
Joe Gomez 2075 jgomez Information Systems Administrator
Larry Hawkins 1817 larryh Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Dana Lacono 1616 dana Grants Assistant
Karen Lash 1813 karen Accounting Operations Supervisor
Basilio Martinez 1731 basilio Chief Financial Officer (Incoming)
Louis Martinez 1801 louis Maintenance Technician
Rosemary Martino-Rodriguez 1848 rosemary Information Systems & Database Administrator
Charlene Merrell 1798 char Facilities Coordinator
Sheldon Ozaeta 1804 sheldon Information Systems Administrator
Monty Perry 1749 monty Facilities Manager
Mike Pinto 1776 pinto Chief Financial Officer
Jim Rehkopf 1704 rehjr Senior Accountant
Todd Ruston 1997 truston Information Systems Manager
Kristin Schneider 1752 kristin Human Resources & Benefits Specialist
Chris Scholin 1779 scholin President and Chief Executive Officer
Bill Shroyer 1816 bill Information Systems Administrator
Norm Steinberg 1711 stno Director of Human Resources
Paul Tucker 2041 tuck E/M Maintenance Technician
Tara Vadas 1774 tara Human Resources & Safety Assistant
Greg Voogd 1755 gregv Maintenance Technician

Last updated: Nov. 28, 2015