Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Information and Technology Dissemination

All phone numbers begin with (831) 775-xxxx

Name Phone Email Title
Nancy Barr 1770 barr Web/Print Project Manager
Judith Connor 1728 conn Director of Information & Technology Dissemination Division
Meilina Dalit 1702 mdalit Administrator/Assistant to President
Kim Fulton-Bennett 1835 kfb Public Information Specialist
Nancy Jacobsen-Stout 1718 jana Video Lab Supervisor
Linda Kuhnz 1840 linda Senior Research Technician
Lonny Lundsten 1762 lonny Senior Research Technician
Toni Mackenzie 1771 toni Administrative Assistant
George Matsumoto 1757 mage Senior Education & Research Specialist
Melinda Nakagawa 1716 mnakagawa Research & Administrative Assistant
Joan Parker 4415 joan Librarian
Kyra Schlining 1784 schlin Senior Research Technician
Susan Von Thun 2006 svonthun Senior Research Technician
Todd Walsh 1797 todd Audio Visual Specialist
Last updated: Nov. 30, 2015