Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Division of Marine Operations
Division of Marine Operations

All phone numbers begin with (831) 775-xxxx

Name Phone Email Title
Mark Aiello 2056 marka Chief Engineer, R/V Rachel Carson
Paul Ban 1999 pban First Mate/Relief Master, R/V Rachel Carson
Knute Brekke 1951 knute Chief ROV Pilot, ROV Doc Ricketts
Mike Burczynski 1812 mikeb ROV Pilot/Technician, ROV Ventana
Teresa Cardoza 1933 terri Logistics Support Specialist
Dan Chamberlain 1764 chda Electronics Officer
Doug Conlin 1927 conlin AUV Specialist
Mike Conway 1915 comi Marine Operations Technician
Craig Dawe 1910 dacr Technical Support Manager/MARS Manager
Ben Erwin 1838 berwin ROV Pilot/Technician, ROV Doc Ricketts
Steve Etchemendy 1902 etst Director of Marine Operations
Natalie Fairchild 1932 fana Administrative Assistant
Jared Figurski 1967 jared Ocean Observatory Technician
Eric Fitzgerald 1934 efitzgerald Dock Foreman/Deckhand
David French 1926 dfrench Marine Operations Technician
Chris Grech 1909 grch Deputy Director of Marine Operations
Aaron Gregg 2002 aaron Master, R/V Rachel Carson
George Gunther 2229 ggunther Relief First Mate, R/V Western Flyer
Ken Heller 2074 kheller MARS Operations Technician
Jason Jordan 1906 jjordan Deckhand/Oiler, Western Flyer
Mike Kelley 1794 kemi Ocean Observatory Group Leader
Erik Larson 2227 elarson Chief Mate, R/V Western Flyer
Katie Loweth 1901 kate Administrator
Eric Martin 1862 emartin AUV Specialist/Relief ROV Pilot
Greg Maudlin 1907 magr Bosun, R/V Rachel Carson
Andrew McKee 2223 mckee Master, R/V Western Flyer
Patrick Mitts 1906 mitts Steward/Deckhand, R/V Western Flyer
Matthew Noyes 1906 mnoyes Chief Engineer, R/V Western Flyer
Vincent Nunes 1907 vincent Deckhand, R/V Rachel Carson
Cindy Ogg 2056 cindy Administrative Assistant Temporary
DJ Osborne 1908 djo ROV Pilot/Technician, ROV Ventana
Fred Peemoeller 1906 fpeemoeller Second Engineer/Relief First Engineer, R/V Western Flyer
Randy Prickett 2020 rprickett Senior ROV Pilot, ROV Doc Ricketts
Erich Rienecker 1854 erich Instrumentation/Marine Operations Technician
Bryan Schaefer 1937 bryan ROV Pilot/Technician, ROV Doc Ricketts
Perry Shoemake 1906 perry Bosun, R/V Western Flyer
Mark Talkovic 1945 talkovic Senior ROV Pilot, ROV Doc Ricketts
Hans Thomas 1976 hthomas AUV Group Leader
Duane Thompson 2003 drthom AUV Specialist
Lance Wardle 1906 wala First Engineer/Relief Chief Engineer, R/V Western Flyer
Last updated: Jul. 29, 2014