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October through December 2007

This page describes recent discoveries, achievements, publications, and events at MBARI.
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^The First State of the Carbon Cycle Report tallies up U.S. sources and sinks of carbon dioxide.
3 December 2007:
New report describes sources of carbon dioxide in the U.S.

MBARI oceanographer Francisco Chavez served as one of two lead authors on the Coastal Ocean chapter of the recently released State of the Carbon Cycle Report. This report, the first of its kind, was prepared as part of the U.S. Climate Change Science Program. The Coastal Ocean chapter describes how coastal waters take up carbon (for example, during algal blooms) and release it (for example, when upwelling brings high-CO2 water from the depths up toward the surface). This chapter also includes unique data on ocean CO2 concentrations that were collected during Chavez' oceanographic cruises and by MBARI's monitoring buoys.

^MBARI's Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle explores beneath the Arctic ice.
16 November 2007:
A new generation of robotic explorers

Autonomous robots that can "think for themselves" will soon be exploring and monitoring the dark depths of the ocean as well as the frontiers of outer space. In the November 16, 2007 issue of Science magazine, MBARI researchers James Bellingham and Kanna Rajan summarize the recent history of robotic exploration and give some tantalizing clues where these robots might take us in the near future. This issue of Science includes a variety of articles on robotics and features an illustration of MBARI's Dorado autonomous underwater vehicle on the cover.

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