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July through September 2007

This page describes recent discoveries, achievements, publications, and events at MBARI.
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^The new "Mission to the Deep" exhibit allows aquarium visitors to run simulated research dives in the deep sea.
5 September 2007:
New exhibit on MBARI research opening at at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Starting on September 15, 2007, visitors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium will be able to experience the thrill of deep-sea exploration in a new exhibit, Mission to the Deep. This exhibit highlights MBARI tools and technologies that are dramatically changing the way scientists view and monitor the oceans. Mission to the Deep draws visitors into this exciting world by combining stunning high-definition video footage with interactive computer animations of undersea robots and other high-tech tools. The new permanent exhibit invites visitors to join MBARI researchers on three different missions—photographing deep-sea animals, mapping vast undersea mountains and monitoring environmental changes on the seafloor.

^A deep-sea squid releases ink for MBARI's video cameras.
31 August 2007:
Inking in the dark

Many shallow-water octopuses and squids release ink when disturbed. In the pitch black environment of the deep sea, such releases might seem like a waste of effort. However, a recent paper by MBARI graduate researcher Stephanie Bush and senior scientist Bruce Robison shows that, if threatened, deep-sea squids often squirt out blobs, clouds, or long narrow streams of ink. As part of her graduate research, Bush used video taken by MBARI's remotely operated vehicles to study almost 900 different examples of squids releasing ink. The squids released ink in different patterns, creating smoke screens in which to hide, decoys to confuse predators, and even "smoke signals" to warn their fellow squids of danger.

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