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Apr 14 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Researchers describe four new species of “killer sponges” from the deep sea

- Canadian Press, " 4 new species of 'killer' sponges discovered off Pacific coast" (4-19-14) [Reprinted on at least 25 Canadian media web sites]
- Weird and Wild (National Geographic blog), " New killer sponges found in the deep sea" by Carrie Arnold (4-18-14)
- New York Times, " SpongeBob, the carnivore" by James Gorman (4-17-14)
- New Scientist, (Salinas TV) " Flesh-eating sponges are beautiful but deadly" by Douglas Heaven (4-17-14)
- KION, (Salinas TV) " New species of "killer" sea sponges discovered" by Ricardo Navarro (4-16-14)
- LiveScience " 4 New 'Killer Sponges' Discovered in Pacific" by Megan Gannon (4-16-14)
- The Register, " Killer sponges menacing California coastline - Surfers are safe, crustaceans less so" by Iain Thomson (4-16-14)
- CBS8-TV (San Diego TV), "Four new Killer sponges discovered off our coast" by Marcella Lee (4-15-14)
- Running Ponies (Scientific American blog), " Four new Species of deep-sea killer sponge discovered" by Bec Crew (4-15-14)
- United Press International " Biologists detail four new deep-sea 'killer sponges'" by Brooks Hays (4-15-14)
- Associated Press (in San Diego Union-Tribune), " Scientists find new sponge species off La Jolla" (4-15-14)
- Monterey Weekly, "MBARI helps introduce killer carnivorous sponges from the deep dark depths of the ocean." by By Mark Anderson. (4-14-14)
- KSBW (Salinas TV), " 'Killer sponges' found in Monterey Bay by MBARI" by May Chow (4-14-14)
- Discovery News, " Four new species of killer sponges found: Photos" by Jennifer Viegas (4-14-14)
Apr 11 Stories related to the opening of the Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay aquarium:
- KAZU (Public Radio), " Aquarium exhibit opens door for octopus naming". (4-22-14)
- KTVU (San Francisco TV), " The astounding lives of octopuses, squid, and cuttlefishes". (4-11-14)
- Monterey Herald, " Sneak peak at Monterey Bay Aquarium's new 'Tentacles' exhibit". (4-11-14)
- Salinas Californian, " Cast of 'Tentacles' features squid, wunderpus" by Dave Nordstrand (4-11-14)
- Monterey Weekly " Superhero squid, plus giant octopi, stumpy cuttlefish and the wunderpus, all at the Aquarium’s new Tentacles." (4-10-14)
Apr 9 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Sunken logs create new worlds for seafloor animals

- Nature World News, " Specialized clams serve as sea floor eco-engineers" by By Anthony Barstow. (4-14-14)
- Red Orbit, " New worlds for seafloor animals created using sunken logs" (4-10-14)
- Not exactly rocket science (National Geographic blog), " The marine creatures that only live on land plants" (3-8-14)
(Also covered by a number of news-aggregation sites, including Science NewsLine, PhysOrg, ScienceDaily, Digital Journal, Eureka! Science News, and Science Codex)
Mar 31 San Francisco Magazine "Race to the bottom (of the sea)" by Jenna Scatena.
Mar 31 Yale Environment360 "Scientists focus on polar waters as threat of acidification grows" by Jo Chandler.
Mar 20 National Geographic News "Confirmation of Malaysian plane debris would be only beginning of investigation" by Laura Parker.
Feb 27 Voice of America "Marine algae sense rainbow colors " by Rosanne Skirble. [See also: "Rainbow vision: marine algae can detect orange, green and blue light", based on a press Release from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research]
Feb 19 R&D magazine "Scientists study how marine bacteria release cloud-making compound" (from a University of Georgia press release).
Feb 18 Nature News "China plunges into ocean research" by Jeff Tollefson.
Feb 6 PBS Digital Studios - Unusual Creatures "A Song for the Sea Pig (with The Kronos Quartet)" by Joe Beshenkovsky and Michael Hearst.
Jan 30 Eco Company (Student-produced TV program), "In the name of science ".
Jan 28 Skokie Review, "Skokie sixth-graders become judges to ocean scientists " by Mike Isaacs.
Jan 28 National Geographic News, "Rare video shows deep-sea squid fighting epic battle with an owlfish " by Brian Clark Howard.
Jan 24 Running Ponies (Scientific American blog), "First footage of deep-sea squid vs owlfish battle features A+ battling " by Bec Crew.
Jan 16 Monterey County Weekly, " MBARI scientists with an unexpected free day are the first to view underwater ridge " by David Schmalz.
Jan 15 Daily Mail, " Fascinating moment a squid overpowers a fish twice its size by using its tentacles to suffocate its prey " by Emma Thomas.
Jan 14 The Atlantic, " Why West Coast sea life is so wacky right now " by Svati Kirsten Narula.
Jan 13 LiveScience, " Epic undersea battle caught on video " by Becky Oskin. [Also carried by NBC News, Mother Nature Network, and other online media]
Jan 11 The Macon Telegraph, " Namesake of Macon, giant airship lacks local tribute " by Jim Gaines.
Jan 9 PBS Digital Studios - Unusual Creatures "Magnapinna Squid" by Joe Beshenkovsky and Michael Hearst.
Jan 8 Science Now, " Fish put on a light show " by Ian Randall.
[See also: From blue to green, red or orange: Fish put on new light (CNN) - carried by over a dozen TV stations and online news sites nationwide]
Jan 8 Los Altos Town Crier, " Los Altan of the Year: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - Philanthropists solving the worlds problems one grant at a time " by Bruce Barton.
Jan 7 Monterey Herald, " Shark Net app lets users track great whites off California " by Cynthia McKelvey.
Jan 1 Monterey County Weekly, " Tiny sardines, mighty lessons--The modest little fish – and Monterey icon – contains grand teachings on how to manage fish populations " by David Schmalz.

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