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May 5 10news (San Diego TV) "Scientists from around the region studying the "blob"" by Robert Santos.
Apr 30 KTZV-TV "NW underwater volcano erupting, researchers say" [Based on anews release from Oregon State University].
Apr 24 The New Yorker "Consider the sponge" by Ed Yong.
Apr 22 Santa Cruz Sentinel "Wind carries blue velella onto Monterey Bay beaches" by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times]
Apr 20 Stories related to vampire-squid reproduction:
-New Scientist, "Vampire squid release eggs in mini-episodes, not one big blast" by Penny Sarchet (4-20-15)
-New York Times, "Vampire squid outlast their shallower peers" by Sindya N. Bhandoo (4-20-15)
-ABC Science, "Vampire squid's secret sex life revealed" by Rachel Sullivan (4-20-15)
-KQED Science, "Why poop-eating vampire squid make patient parents" by Danna Staaf (4-28-15)
Apr 17 "Droves of elegant blue jellies wash up on Pacific shores" by Samantha Larson.
Apr 15 Stories related to the discovery of "bone-eating" Osedax worms in fossilized plesiosaur bones:
-C-NET, "How ancient 'zombie worms' screwed up valuable fossils" by Michael Franco (4-16-15)
-LiveScience, "Boneworms dined on ancient sea serpents" by Becky Oskin (4-15-15) [Carried by many outlets, including Yahoo News and Christian Science Monitor]
- RedOrbit, "Zombie worms may have significantly altered fossil record" by Chuck Bednar (4-15-15)
- MarketBusinessNews, "Zombie worm Osedax lived on prehistoric carcasses of reptiles" by Christian Nordqvist (4-15-15)
Apr 14 KSBW-TV "Velella wash ashore by the billions" by Caitlin Conrad
Apr 13 Wired "Brave robots are roaming the oceans for science" by Matt Simon.
Apr 7 SciShow "The mystery of the barreleye fish"
Mar 25 Palm Beach Sun-Sentinel "Students set out on shark-tagging expedition" by Jan Engoren.
Mar 13 National Geographic News "Oceans are losing oxygen—and becoming more hostile to life" by Craig Welch.
Mar 13 Hawaii 24/7 "Oceanic microbes behave in synchrony across ocean basins" [Based on a University of Hawaii press release].
Mar 4 Ship-Technology "Cargo overboard - salvaging the problem of lost shipping containers" by Elly Earls.
March National Geographic "Luminous life" by Olivia Judson.
Feb 25 BBC - Earth "Do whales have graveyards where they prefer to die?" by Melissa Hogenboom.
Feb 23 BBC - Earth "How male octopuses avoid being eaten by hungry females" by Katherine Harmon Courage. [Also covered on CNN]
Feb 10 Scientific American "Global warming may boost dead zones in oceans" by Niina Heikkinen and ClimateWire.
Feb 4 Monterey Herald "Obama seeks $30M for ocean acidification studies" by Chris Cesare
Jan 30 Science "A moment of truth arrives for U.S. ocean science" by Eli Kintisch.
Jan 29 CBS-News "Floating robot tech lets you track great white sharks swimming along California coast in real time"
Jan 29 KAZU "Carmel teens advance in Ocean Health XPrize Competition" by Krista Almanzan.
Jan 25 Santa Cruz Sentinel "MBARI testing the waters with open source camera" by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, and Monterey Herald]
Jan 12 Modern Farmer "Rock stars of the bug world " by Sarah Baird.
Jan 6 "New deep-sea snails are nature’s own punk rockers " by Rachel Nuwer.
Jan 1 Santa Cruz Sentinel "Weird species of deep-sea worms discovered living on rotting bones in Monterey Bay" by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times]
Jan/Feb Discover "Top 100 stories of 2014 - #85: Nature's Most Patient Mother" by Carl Engelking.

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