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Jan/Feb 2015 Discover "Top 100 stories of 2014 - #85: Nature's Most Patient Mother" by Carl Engelking.
Jan 25 2015 Santa Cruz Sentinel "MBARI testing the waters with open source camera" by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury, Contra Costa Times, and Monterey Herald]
Jan 1, 2015 Santa Cruz Sentinel "Weird species of deep-sea worms discovered living on rotting bones in Monterey Bay" by Samantha Clark. [Also carried by the San Jose Mercury and Contra Costa Times]
Dec 24 Science "The top 10 science images of 2014" by Meghna Sachdev.
Dec 23 PBS Newshour "Peru shields an ancient city of sand from strong storms".
Dec 21 Discovery Channel Canada "Deep-sea anglerfish".
Dec 21 The Guardian "The 12 most important moments in science in 2014".
Dec 21 The Why Files "Carnivorous sponges of the deep Pacific " by Patricia Waldron.
Dec 12 Stories related to Shannon Johonson-William's paper on five new species of Alviniconchid snails
-Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Deemed punk rock, snail named after The Clash singer Joe Strummer" by Samantha Clark (12-12-14) [Also carried by serveral other papers, including the San Joes Mercury, the Contra Costa Times and Jackboro Times]
-io9, "Meet the spiky shelled sea snail named after The Clash's Joe Strummer" by Katharine Trendacosta (12-15-14)
-The Guardian, "Joe Strummer has deep sea snail named after him" by Sean Michaels (12-15-14)
-Time, "Scientists name new ‘punk rock’ snail after The Clash’s Joe Strummer" by Melissa Locker (12-16-14)
-NME, " New breed of 'hardcore' deep sea snails named after The Clash's Joe Strummer" by David Renshaw (12-16-14)
-Los Angeles Times, "'Punk rock' snail named for the Clash's Joe Strummer " by Deborah Netburn (12-16-14)
-The Verge, "This sea snail is so punk rock it was named after The Clash's Joe Strummer " by Arielle Duhaime-Ross (12-16-14)
-Sci-News, "Five new species of spiky sea snails discovered, one named after Joe Strummer " by Arielle Duhaime-Ross (12-16-14)
-Vice, "Science finally does something cool and names a snail after The Clash's Joe Strummer" by Dan Ozzi (12-18-14)
-NPR - Morning Edition, "A snail so hardcore it's named after a punk rocker " (12-20-14) [Carried on dozens of other NPR stations nationwide]
-Red Orbit, "Meet the punk rocker of sea snails, and other rock-inspired species " (12-21-14)
-San Francisco Weekly, "That time we met Joe Strummer (the sea snail) in Monterey " by Matt Saincome (12-30-14), "New deep-sea snails are nature’s own punk rockers " by Rachel Nuwer (1-6-15)
-Modern Farmer, "Rock stars of the bug world " by Sarah Baird (1-12-15)
Also covered by: BoingBoing, The Diffuser, Orange UK News, The Telegraph, Maine News Online, Tech Times, and at least 40 other news sites around the world.
Dec 11 Stories related to a news release from Scripps Institution of Oceanography about an evolutionary reversal in Osedax ("bone-eating") worms:
-San Francisco Chronicle, "Weird new species of deep-sea worm found in Monterey Bay" by David Perlman (12-11-14)
-China Topics, "Deep sea zombie worms that eat people evolve a new species" by Marco Foronda (12-13-14)
-Red Orbit, "Unique new worm species has reversed its own evolution" by Katharine Trendacosta (12-14-14) [Also covered by Raw Story"]
Also covered by: Escience news, PerfScience, States Chronicle, Nature World News, Tech Times, Bio and Tech Insights, Austrian Tribune, and others.
Dec 10 Nature "Ocean biology: Marine dreams" by Chris Woolston.
Nov 28 Climate Central "Robotic floats will reveal Southern Ocean’s mysteries" by Greta Shum.
Nov 27 BBC "Nature's marvelous mothers" by Zoe Gough.
Nov 21 Stories related to MBARI's capturing the first live video of a "black sea devil" anglerfish:
[Note: In addition to the stories below, this research was covered by literally hundreds of online media outlets around the world; the YouTube video received almost 10.5 million views in the first week after it was posted]
-Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Monterey Bay researchers capture rare deep-sea anglerfish on video for first time" by Samantha Clark (11-21-14) [Also carried by the Monterey Herald and the San Jose Mercury]
- KTVU-TV, "Video captures elusive deep sea anglerfish in Monterey Bay" (11-21-14)
- Pete Thomas Outdoors, "Scientists capture rare footage of deep-sea anglerfish" (11-21-14)
- Christian Science Monitor, "Rare video of fiercely 'beautiful' deep-sea Black Seadevil (+video)" by David Clark Scott(11-22-14)
- USA Today, "Meet the Black Seadevil" (11-23-14) [also carried by Time magazine]
- CBC, "Black sea devil’ anglerfish captured on video for 1st time" (11-24-14)
- Los Angeles Times, "Black seadevil on video for first time: What the mini-monster looks like" by Amy Hubbard (11-24-14)
- Washington Post, "WATCH: The scary ‘black seadevil’ 2000 feet below the ocean’s surface" by Lindsey Bever (11-24-14)
- Newsweek, "Bizarre ‘Black Seadevil’ fish caught on video for first time " by Douglas Main (11-24-14)
- Slate, "The rare and spooky Black Seadevil Anglerfish, on video" by A.J. McCarthy (11-24-14)
- LiveScience, "Black Seadevil: Photos of creepy, deep-sea anglerfish" by Kelly Dickerson (11-24-14)
-, "The Black Sea Devil, a rare deep-sea anglerfish, filmed for the first time" by Marissa Fessenden (11-24-14)
- The Weather Channel, "ROV grabs first living glimpse of "black sea devil"" by Daniel Martins (11-25-14)
- National Geographic News, "Rare Black Sea Devil caught on film for the first time" by Jane J. Lee (11-25-14)
Nov 4 Stories related to MBARI's discovery of a sunken barge in Monterey Canyon:
-Santa Cruz Sentinel, "Researchers discover shipwreck in Monterey Bay" by Samantha Clark (11-4-14)
- KGO-TV, "Scientists discover sunken barge outside Monterey Bay" by Felix Cortez (11-5-14)
- KSBW-TV, "Shipwreck found off Moss Landing in deep sea canyon" by Felix Cortez (11-6-14)
- KION-TV, "Researchers find wrecked ship at the bottom of Monterey Bay" (11-6-14)
- Tech Times, "Shipwreck accidentally discovered off coast of Santa Cruz" by James Maynard (11-6-14)
- United Press International (UPI), "Scientists find shipwreck off California's Monterey Bay" by Brooks Hays (11-6-14)
- KCBS-TV, "Researchers discover shipwreck near Santa Cruz coast" (11-6-14)
- Associated Press [carried by Fox News], "Scientists discover 1982 shipwreck in California's Monterey Bay" (11-6-14)
- KTVU-TV, "Scientists uncover sunken barge in Monterey Bay" by Ann Rubin (11-6-14)
Oct 20 Huffington Post "Sparks fly during ocean health sensor tests" by Matt Huelsenbeck.
Oct 13 BoingBoing "WATCH: The secret life of Velella jellyfish" by Mark Frauenfelder.
Oct 10 Wired "Absurd creature of the week: The beautiful but deadly undersea raver that digests its victims alive" by Matt Simon.
Oct 9 Santa Cruz Sentinel "Monterey Bay part of U.S. Marine Biodiversity Observation Network prototype" by Samantha Clark.
Sept 23 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Big changes in the Sargasso Sea

- Science Sifter (AAAS blog), "Sargasso Sea could be experiencing dramatic drop in biodiversity" (9-24-14)
- Nature World News, "Biodiversity is shrinking in the Sargasso Sea" by Brian Stallard (9-24-14)
- News release also carried verbatim by Phys.Org, Eureka! Science News, and other science-news aggregation sites.
Sept 23 Port Technology "The afterlife of sunken containers"
Sept 16 Scientific American "An inconvenient ice" by Lisa Margonelli.
Sept 9 Stories related to the SOCCOM grant:
Chemical sensors built at MBARI to provide unprecedented view of Southern Ocean
-Scripps Institution of Oceanography News, "Southern Ocean's role in climate regulation, ocean health goal of $21 million federal grant" (9-9-14)
- National Science Foundation, "Princeton University launches NSF-funded initiative to study Southern Ocean's role in global systems" (9-9-14)
- Princeton University, "Southern Ocean's role in climate regulation, ocean health is goal of $21 million federal grant" (9-9-14)
Sept 4 Stories related to the XPRIZE News release:
18 teams vie for $2 million Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE
-KAZU (local NPR affiliate), "From surfers to scientists: Ocean Health XPrize competitors begin lab trials" by Krista Almanzan (9-12-14)
- ZDNet, "XPrize's latest innovation competition: Protect ocean pH" by Natalie Gagliordi (9-4-14)
- CNET, "Ocean XPrize reels in teams for acid tests" by Daniel Terdiman (7-31-14) [Also carried by Yahoo News]
Sept 2 Red Orbit "Not all marine phytoplankton need to take their vitamins" [Reprinted News Release by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research]
Aug 31 The Artful Amoeba (Scientific American blog), "A few moments with an earthly alien close cousin to you" by Jennifer Frazer.
Aug 29 Wired "The 100-foot sea critter that deploys a net of death" by Matt Simon.
Aug 21 Salinas Californian "MBARI at the cutting edge of ocean research" by Jeff Mitchel.
Aug 21 The Scientist "Viral demise of an algal bloom" by Jyoti Madhusoodanan.
Aug 18 New York Times "A world of creatures that hide in the open" by Kenneth Chang.
Aug 16 Sacramento Bee "Institute’s research helps fuel Monterey aquarium" by Jeff Mitchell. [Also carried in newspapers in Fresno and Merced]
Aug 7 KUSP (Santa Cruz Public Radio) "Look past the smell: Anchovies feed an ecosystem" by Adia White.
Aug 1 Environmental Health Perspectives "Keeping tabs on HABs: New tools for detecting, monitoring, and preventing harmful algal blooms" by Nate Seltenrich.
July 31 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Deep-sea octopus broods eggs for over four years—longer than any known animal

-Los Angeles Times, "Deep sea octopus mom tends her eggs longer than any animal on Earth" by Deborah Netburn (7-31-14)
- Washington Post, "'Dedication: The octopus that spent nearly 4 1/2 years sitting on her eggs, a record for any species" by Fred Barbash (7-31-14)
- Christian Science Monitor, "Is this deep-sea octopus the world's greatest mom?" by Eva Botkin-Kowacki (7-31-14)
- United Press International, "Deep-sea octopus guards eggs longer than any other animal" by Brooks Hays (7-31-14)
- Newsweek, "Octopus broods eggs for a record 4½ years, then dies, scientists report" by Karla Zabludovsky(7-31-14)
- LiveScience, " Deep-sea "Octomom" guards eggs for record length of time" by Megan Gannon(7-31-14) [Also carried by CBS News, Fox News, and many other outlets around the world]
- National Geographic - Weird and Wild, " Longest-living octopus found, guards eggs for record 4.5 Years" by Amy West (7-31-14)
- KQED Science, " Deep-sea octopus is Mother of the Year" by Liz Roth-Johnson (7-31-14)
- Salon, " Octopus wins mom of the year; has longest brooding period of any animal" by Joanna Rothkopf (7-31-14)
- The Independent, " Deep-sea octopus keeps record-breaking four and a half year vigil over her eggs" by James Vincent (7-31-14)
- BBC News, " Broody octopus keeps record-breaking four-year vigil" by Jonathan Webb (7-31-14)
- Red Orbit, " Dedicated octopus mother keeps watch over her eggs for over four years" (7-31-14)
- Santa Cruz Sentinel, " 'Octomom' keeps watch over eggs for more than four years, MBARI scientists find" by Calvin Mein (7-31-14) [Also carried by several other regional newspapers]
- Reuters, " Octopus mom protects her eggs for 4.5 years" by Will Dunham (7-31-14) [Carried by over two dozen newspapers and web sites worldwide]
- National Public Radio, " Deep sea octopus brooded over eggs longer than any animal" by Molly Malinowski (8-4-14) [Carried by several NPR affiliate stations]
- Cosmos, "The long and lonely vigil of an octopus mother" by Yi-Di Ng (8-4-14)
- Science Update [AAAS podcast], " Octopus Supermom " by Bob Hirshon (8-5-14)
- New York Times, " Deep sea octopus brooded over eggs longer than any animal" by Ranjodh Singh (8-17-14)
July 31 PC Magazine " Ocean Science (for iPad)" by Tony Hoffman.
July 19 Santa Cruz Sentinel "Aquarium research institute opens doors to visitors" by Calvin Mein.
July 9 Huffington Post "This strange purple creature is actually a living colony" by Clarke Reilly.
July 5 The Observer "New to Nature No 126: Asbestopluma monticola" by Quentin Wheeler.
July 1 The Scientist "Sly Cephalopod" by Tracy Vence.
June 30 Mother Jones "What you need to know about the coming jellyfish apocalypse" by James West.
June 27 Wired "World’s most beautiful sponge dismantles its victims cell by cell" by Matt Simon.
June 20 Science Friday "The vampire squid from Hell" by Christian Baker.
June 12 Monterey County Weekly "Supermodels and supersquid mark Aquarium's 30th" by Mark Anderson.
June 4 KUSP "Ballons: Cheaper than satellites" by Julia Calderone.
May Research to Reality (University of Tasmania newsletter), "Underwater lab experiment a window to future of the world" by Anna Osborne.
May 25 Live Science [carried on Yahoo News and several other outlets] "Geek Tourist: 6 summer trips for science-lovers" by Stephanie Pappas.
May 23 Santa Cruz Sentinel "What happened to oil from tanker sunk in World War II?" by Dan Haifley.
May 23 Environmental Monitor "New cell-detecting sensor array watches for Gulf of Maine’s red tide" by Jeff Gillies. [See also news release and article from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on this research]
May 12 National Geographic Daily News "Deep-sea vehicle Nereus lost 6 miles down" by Jane Lee.
May 7 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
First-ever study describes deep-sea animal communities on and around a sunken shipping container

- Huffington Post, "Thousands of containers fall off ships every year. What happens to them?" by James Cave (7-17-14)
- BoingBoing, "The secret lives of lost shipping containers–and the lives they support" by Maggie Koerth-Baker (6-5-14)
- Marine Science Today, "Lost shipping containers home to unique communities" by Emily Tripp (5-19-14)
- LiveScience, "What happens to shipping containers lost at sea?" by Megan Gannon (5-17-14) [Carried by Yahoo News]
- Motherboard, "What seven years at the bottom of the sea does to a shipping container" (5-9-14)
[Note: News release carried verbatim by a number of news aggregation sites, including RedOrbit, Reddit, Environmental Policy News, Eureka!Science News, PhysOrg, etc.]
May 2 Slate "Graveyards of trash" by Dallas Jensen.
May 1 Stories related to the showing of a Vampyroteuthis at the Monterey Bay aquarium:
- Salinas Californian , "Aquarium first to place vampire squid on exhibit". (5-2-14)
- KION (Salinas TV), "World's first vampire squid on display at Monterey Bay Aquarium". (5-1-14)
Apr 29 KION (Salinas TV) "Sea lions found sick and convulsing off Monterey Bay coast" by Ricardo Navarro.
Apr 14 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Researchers describe four new species of carnivorous “killer sponges” from the deep sea

- Washington Post, "Biologists discover four new species of carnivorous sponge " (4-28-14)
- Deep Sea News, "Velcro, romance, and consuming the flesh of crustaceans" by Craig McClain (4-27-14)
- Voice of America, "Four species of 'killer' sponges discovered" (4-26-14)
- Canadian Press, "4 new species of 'killer' sponges discovered off Pacific coast" (4-19-14) [Reprinted on at least 25 Canadian media web sites]
- Weird and Wild (National Geographic blog), "New killer sponges found in the deep sea" by Carrie Arnold (4-18-14)
- New York Times, "SpongeBob, the carnivore" by James Gorman (4-17-14)
- New Scientist, "Flesh-eating sponges are beautiful but deadly" by Douglas Heaven (4-17-14)
- KION, (Salinas TV) "New species of "killer" sea sponges discovered" by Ricardo Navarro (4-16-14)
- LiveScience "4 New 'Killer Sponges' Discovered in Pacific" by Megan Gannon (4-16-14)
- The Register, "Killer sponges menacing California coastline - Surfers are safe, crustaceans less so" by Iain Thomson (4-16-14)
- Science News (AAAS), "Watch: Killer Sponges From the Deep Sea" (4-15-14)
- CBS8-TV (San Diego TV), "Four new Killer sponges discovered off our coast" by Marcella Lee (4-15-14)
- Running Ponies (Scientific American blog), " Four new Species of deep-sea killer sponge discovered" by Bec Crew (4-15-14)
- United Press International " Biologists detail four new deep-sea 'killer sponges'" by Brooks Hays (4-15-14)
- Associated Press (in San Diego Union-Tribune), " Scientists find new sponge species off La Jolla" (4-15-14)
- Monterey Weekly, "MBARI helps introduce killer carnivorous sponges from the deep dark depths of the ocean." by By Mark Anderson. (4-14-14)
- KSBW (Salinas TV), "'Killer sponges' found in Monterey Bay by MBARI" by May Chow (4-14-14)
- Discovery News, "Four new species of killer sponges found: Photos" by Jennifer Viegas (4-14-14)
Apr 11 Stories related to the opening of the Tentacles exhibit at the Monterey Bay aquarium:
- KAZU (Public Radio), "Aquarium exhibit opens door for octopus naming". (4-22-14)
- KTVU (San Francisco TV), "The astounding lives of octopuses, squid, and cuttlefishes". (4-11-14)
- Monterey Herald, "'Tentacles' exhibit opens at Monterey Bay Aquarium-Flapjack octopus draws crowd". (4-12-14)
- Monterey Herald, "Sneak peak at Monterey Bay Aquarium's new 'Tentacles' exhibit". (4-11-14)
- Salinas Californian, "Cast of 'Tentacles' features squid, wunderpus" by Dave Nordstrand (4-11-14)
- Monterey Weekly "Superhero squid, plus giant octopi, stumpy cuttlefish and the wunderpus, all at the Aquarium’s new Tentacles." (4-10-14)
Apr 9 Stories related to the MBARI News release:
Sunken logs create new worlds for seafloor animals

- Live Science, "Shipwrecks and dead trees become home for deep-sea life" by Laura Poppick. (5-13-14)
- Nature World News, "Specialized clams serve as sea floor eco-engineers" by Anthony Barstow. (4-14-14)
- Red Orbit, "New worlds for seafloor animals created using sunken logs" (4-10-14)
- Not exactly rocket science (National Geographic blog), "The marine creatures that only live on land plants" (3-8-14)
(Also covered by a number of news-aggregation sites, including Science NewsLine, PhysOrg, ScienceDaily, Digital Journal, Eureka! Science News, and Science Codex)
Mar 31 San Francisco Magazine "Race to the bottom (of the sea)" by Jenna Scatena.
Mar 31 Yale Environment360 "Scientists focus on polar waters as threat of acidification grows" by Jo Chandler.
Mar 20 National Geographic News "Confirmation of Malaysian plane debris would be only beginning of investigation" by Laura Parker.
Feb 27 Voice of America "Marine algae sense rainbow colors " by Rosanne Skirble. [See also: "Rainbow vision: marine algae can detect orange, green and blue light", based on a press Release from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research]
Feb 19 R&D magazine "Scientists study how marine bacteria release cloud-making compound" (from a University of Georgia press release).
Feb 18 Nature News "China plunges into ocean research" by Jeff Tollefson.
Feb 9 Earth Touch News Network "Sneak peek: This is how MBARI explores the deep sea" by Sarah Keartes .
Feb 6 PBS Digital Studios - Unusual Creatures "A Song for the Sea Pig (with The Kronos Quartet)" by Joe Beshenkovsky and Michael Hearst.
Jan 30 Eco Company (Student-produced TV program), "In the name of science ".
Jan 28 Skokie Review, "Skokie sixth-graders become judges to ocean scientists " by Mike Isaacs.
Jan 28 National Geographic News, "Rare video shows deep-sea squid fighting epic battle with an owlfish " by Brian Clark Howard.
Jan 24 Running Ponies (Scientific American blog), "First footage of deep-sea squid vs owlfish battle features A+ battling " by Bec Crew.
Jan 21 Skunk Bear (NPR science blog), "Bone-eating worms are awesome." by Adam Cole.
Jan 16 Monterey County Weekly, " MBARI scientists with an unexpected free day are the first to view underwater ridge " by David Schmalz.
Jan 15 Daily Mail, " Fascinating moment a squid overpowers a fish twice its size by using its tentacles to suffocate its prey " by Emma Thomas.
Jan 14 The Atlantic, " Why West Coast sea life is so wacky right now " by Svati Kirsten Narula.
Jan 13 LiveScience, " Epic undersea battle caught on video " by Becky Oskin. [Also carried by NBC News, Mother Nature Network, and other online media]
Jan 11 The Macon Telegraph, " Namesake of Macon, giant airship lacks local tribute " by Jim Gaines.
Jan 9 PBS Digital Studios - Unusual Creatures "Magnapinna Squid" by Joe Beshenkovsky and Michael Hearst.
Jan 8 Science Now, " Fish put on a light show " by Ian Randall.
[See also: From blue to green, red or orange: Fish put on new light (CNN) - carried by over a dozen TV stations and online news sites nationwide]
Jan 8 Los Altos Town Crier, " Los Altan of the Year: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - Philanthropists solving the worlds problems one grant at a time " by Bruce Barton.
Jan 7 Monterey Herald, " Shark Net app lets users track great whites off California " by Cynthia McKelvey.
Jan 1 Monterey County Weekly, " Tiny sardines, mighty lessons--The modest little fish – and Monterey icon – contains grand teachings on how to manage fish populations " by David Schmalz.

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