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DNA Probe Project
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Figure 1B


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Figure 1. Examples of 25mm diameter DNA probe arrays for the ESP. A) Standard curve showing response of species-specific rRNA probes to Pseduo-nitzschia australis (inset above), a toxic marine alga. The array shown (inset bottom) carries probes for a variety of toxic phytoplankton present in Monterey Bay, CA. The low end of the curve represents the equivalent of 1e4 cells L-1 and the upper end 1e6 cells L-1 when ~400ml raw water is concentrated and homogenized in 2ml lysis buffer. The arrays used to generate this data were processed manually in a lab test fixture. B) Top: Array developed in the ESP printed with integral chemistry controls and intensity standards (1) and probes for a variety of marine microbes (2- Cytophoga; 3-Sar11; 4-Arch Grp II; 5-Sar 86; 6-marine alpha; 7; picophytoplankton). The sample consisted of raw seawater supplied to the ESP under pressure. The ESP passed 50ml through a 0.2µm pores size filter, evacuated seawater, created a sample homogenate, developed the array and captured the image automatically. Each group of probes is printed as replicates. B) Bottom: An example of data extracted from the images using a line tool to define pixel value (y axis; CCD counts) as a function of total line length (x axis; pixel counts).


Last updated: Feb. 05, 2009