Séverine Martini


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

7700 Sandholdt Road

Moss Landing, CA 95039

Phone: (831) 775-1982


Séverine’s research interests focus on bioluminescence as a biological proxy in the deep sea.

She completed her PhD at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille, France) on the bioluminescence in the deep sea, mainly using in situ time series and bioluminescent bacterial strain as a model. She has worked as a postdoc on a multi-instrumented buoy for atmospheric and oceanographic observations of biological and physical variables. This research aimed at the development of tools using statistical metrics to detect changes over time of organisms abundances (from fish to cetaceans and birds), as well as environmental changes.

At the MBARI, she uses in situ instrumentation (AUV, bathyphotometers) conjointly with mathematical methods dedicated to big dataset (signal processing, time series analyses) to describe, understand, and predict biological bioluminescence within its environmental context. The determination and recognition of bioluminescence patterns of organisms as well as understanding the variability of bioluminescence over space and time are the main goals of her work.