Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory in Elkhorn Slough


Water velocity data measured at the L01 and L02 moorings for the period from February 2005 to mid-May 2006 are now available in LOBOVIZ. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (RD Instruments) are continuously deployed at both moorings, but not yet connected to the telemetry system. Data returned from each ADCP is now manually loaded into LOBOVIZ. Depth integrated, hourly mean horizontal velocities are reported. The velocities (meters/second) have been rotated into a component parallel to the axis of the channel (ALONGCHANNELVELOCITY - positive into the Slough) and perpendicular to the channel (ACROSSCHANNELVELOCITY - positive to the left when flowing in) at each mooring.

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Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory

Last updated: Feb. 06, 2009