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August 5, 2011
Station 3

tender boat scout

As the ship steamed to our next sampling location, we passed through rain showers and overcast skies in the early morning hours. By early afternoon, the skies had cleared as we continued with our collections of Sargassum seaweed. 

five sargassum fish

Susan von Thun rinses the seaweed with fresh water to remove any remaining fauna such as tiny amphipods.

fish in seaweed

Susan von Thun and Jake Ellena preserve subsamples of Sargassum from each station. These will be shipped back to the Smith lab at MBARI and analyzed.

deckhands sampling sargassum
Jeff Peterson and I use a modified bucket to gently release any Sargassum fish that we collect back into the ocean. We put a clump of seaweed in the bucket for each release so that the fish has its floating habitat.

—Debbie Nail Meyer

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