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August 10, 2011
Arriving at the dock in Bermuda

pilot boat

A Bermuda pilot boat comes alongside Lone Ranger to transfer the pilots that are required for navigation during the final approach to Bermuda.

Town Cut

Lone Ranger passes through Town Cut into St. George’s Harbor.


Colorful houses and buildings dot the landscape in Bermuda. Remnants of historic forts from the 1800’s can be seen all around the area where Lone Ranger is docked.

lone ranger at dock

Lone Ranger dockside now in St. George’s Harbor. The ship will remain in Bermuda until Ken Smith and Alana Sherman return in six months to recover the deep-sea observatory and complete their studies of the Sargasso Sea.

R/V Atlantic Explorer

Alana Sherman and Ken Smith tour the R/V Atlantic Explorer at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences.

group photo

Lone Ranger’s crew and science party assemble on the bow for a group picture at sea. Everyone has a sense of accomplishment for the successful work that was completed during this mission.

—Debbie Nail Meyer

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