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Day 19 - Young Bahamian Marine Scientists
26 February 2011

This morning we hosted a group of high school students from a local marine science after school club, the Young Bahamian Marine Scientist program.

Young Bahamian Marine Scientists talking with the Captain

Captain Bernd Buchner tours the forecastle of Lone Ranger with high school students from the Young Bahamian Marine Scientist program.

Young Bahamian Marine Scientists look at the ROV Phantom

Alana Sherman shows the ROV Phantom to the students.

The students toured the ship and learned about our Sargasso Sea studies from the scientists. They sorted through some Sargassum samples and looked at the animals under the microscope. The students had great questions about marine research and their enthusiasm was catching. We talked with them about careers and underscored the variety of educational backgrounds that make up an oceanographic research team.

students sorting thru Sargassum

Students sort through Sargassum to find crabs and shrimp.

Showing off the baited camera system

John Yeh shows the glass floatation, camera, and strobe light of the baited camera system to the students.

At the end of their field trip, I walked with the students to a shipyard near the dock. There we looked at an old tourist submersible and talked about the similarities and differences of its design to deep-sea research submersibles and remotely operated vehicles. We peered in the windows and imagined viewing fish and other ocean life as passengers in the sub. Before they left, the students shared highlights of their experience that morning and it was clear that they had learned a lot.

an old tourist sub
An old tourist submersible in a nearby shipyard.

During the afternoon the science team and representatives from Schmidt Ocean Institute met to debrief the expedition. Overall the mission was very successful and the team shared the accomplishments of the science that was conducted. The researchers expressed their appreciation for the dedication and teamwork of the ships' crew that was fundamental to the success of the expedition.

— Debbie Nail Meyer

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