Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


The research team and ship's crew gather for a group picture.Day 20 - Packing up
27 February 2011

The research team and ship's crew gather for a group picture.......
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Alana Sherman shows the ROV <em>Phantom</em> to the studentsDay 19 - Young Bahamian Marine Scientists
26 February 2011

Alana Sherman shows the ROV Phantom to the students.......
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Captain Bernd Buchner and a Bahamian pilot guide Lone Ranger into portDay 18 - Arriving Freeport
25 February 2011

Captain Bernd Buchner and a Bahamian pilot guide Lone Ranger into port.......
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The bow of the Lone Ranger at sunsetDay 17 - Preliminary findings
24 February 2011

Lone Ranger sails west toward Freeport, Grand Bahama......
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ROV PhantomDay 16 - Phantom continues operations in the Sargasso Sea
23 February 2011

A mystery fish swims between two patches of Sargassum....
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ROV PhantomDay 15 - Phantom dives into the Sargasso Sea
22 February 2011

ROV Phantom dove into the Sargasso Sea today and gave researchers a different perspective of the Sargassum seaweed community...
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shrimpDay 14 - Species changes from north to south
21 February 2011

Today we collected more Sargassum samples for this final location, Station 6. A large, three-meter swell rolled under the boat and could be seen far away as bumps on the normally straight horizon...
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eelsDay 13 - Seaweed surprises
20 February 2011

This morning we retrieved the baited camera system from 5,000 meters deep where it had sat on the seafloor for 40 hours. Jeff Drazen and John Yeh were anxious to see the pictures from the camera...
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eelsDay 12 - Sargasso Deep-Sea Observatory
19 February 2011

The rising sun warmed wispy clouds that promised a clear day for science, the calmest weather we’ve had for the entire trip. The top priority for the day was deploying the Sargasso Deep-Sea Observatory....
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eelsDay 11 - Deep-sea observatory preparations
18 February 2011

We arrived at our southernmost station this morning and began a long list of science activities. First we deployed the baited camera system, this time with a new twist: Sargassum seaweed as the bait...
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eelsDay 10 - Searching for Sargassum
17 February 2011

Early this morning the ship was positioned where the baited camera had been deployed two days ago. Jeff Drazen and John Yeh sent acoustic commands to release the system from its weighted anchor at the seafloo...
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eelsDay Nine - Searching for Sargassum
16 February 2011

Through the night the ship travelled away from Station 5 to an area 130 kilometers northwest in search of larger aggregations of Sargassum. So far we’ve only encountered smaller bits and pieces of the seaweed...
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eelsDay Eight - Processing Sargassum samples
15 February 2011

At each science station along our path across the Sargasso Sea, the science team has been using fine mesh nets to collect clumps of Sargassum seaweed and the associated community of plants and animals that live around, inside, and under the floating seaweed habitat...
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eelsDay Seven - Denizens of the deep
14 February 2011

Sunshine greeted the ship this morning, infusing the day with optimism for the science ahead. It was my lucky day to be the scientist collector netting Sargassum from the small inflatable boat...
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docksideDay Six - Wet and wild at Station 3
13 February 2011

The Lone Ranger sailed through the night to the next science station, about 280 kilometers (170 miles) southwest of Bermuda. Rough weather continued to be a challenge for our work...
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docksideDay Five - Juvenile fish take refuge
12 February 2011

Yesterday we found a juvenile fish in our Sargassum seaweed samples. The small fish, about four centimeters long, had mottled coloration of browns and spots that perfectly camouflaged it in the seaweed. When the scientists identified the fish as a type of sea chub...
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docksideDay Four - Small boat operations
11 February 2011

By mid-afternoon the seas had calmed enough that Captain Bernd gave his permission to launch one of the small boats to help the collection efforts. Jeff went out on the boat with Chief Mate Sergiy and Deckhand Kyrylo. They motored away from the ship and successfully collected several samples.
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docksideDay Three - Sargassum
10 February 2011

I looked out the window and saw some small pieces of Sargassum floating by. We were in luck! The scientists and crew grabbed nets and began dipping clumps out of the ocean. Judit extracts a crab that was collected in Sargassum for genetic studies.
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docksideDay Two - Water sampling on rough seas
9 February 2011

After rolling through the night with winds howling, we woke to slightly better weather conditions that allowed us to move forward on getting instruments in the ocean for science. Everyone was excited to start collecting data for their studies...
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docksideDay One - Leaving Bermuda to first station
8 February 2011

At last, we finished preparations for setting sail. Before we left the dock, the scientists and crew gathered for a "science at sea" lecture...
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7 February 2011

Today we waited in anticipation for the delivery of the remaining supplies needed to ensure the success of the cruise. With the crew's determination and lots of logistical support, the equipment and supplies were organized for tomorrow’s departure...
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6 February 2011

Various factors have delayed our departure for a couple of days. Fortunately, even while at port there's always interesting wildlife to watch around the hull of a ship...
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MERISPre-cruise preparation
5 February 2011

While the science team sets up their equipment on the Lone Ranger in preparation for the cruise, a team of scientists from the U.S. Canada, Japan, and Europe is working to provide a bird's-eye view of the planned cruise track.
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