Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Hawaii Cruise
March 13, 2001 to June 2, 2001
Monterey to Hawaii and back

Ship & Vehicle: R/V Western Flyer and the ROV Tiburon
(R/V = Research Vessel,   ROV= Remotely Operated Vehicle) 

Equipment: On long cruises like this Hawaii cruise, space and weight are limiting factors. The Remotely Operated Vehicle Tiburon comes with a standard set of tools and functions, the items listed below are supplements to this core set. In addition to ROV operations, we will also be doing some ship based research using nets, water bottles, towfish, and SCUBA. Scientists will be bringing a great deal of additional equipment as well that is not listed here (like microscopes, buckets, dissecting tools, cameras, and many other scientific and personal items).


  • Chilled Seawater System and Cold Room
  • Water purification system with approximately 5 gal per day usage
  • ROV CTD w/O2 and transmissometer
  • Midwater Suction Sampler w/ 12 buckets
  • 6 Detritus samplers (2 as spares)
  • EK-500 water column profiling system; continuous use during Leg 1
  • CTD and Rosette w/H2O sample bottles (+ our mini rosette, 150lbs.)
  • Winch with conducting wire for CTD net casts & tow fish
  • Benthic sled with drawer and rock partitions
  • Manipulator
  • Rack of push cores (with catchers) on drawer front
  • Temperature probe (for 1 Loihi dive)
  • Glass suction sampler
  • Vibra-peeper coring device
  • Major water samplers (for 1 Loihi dive)
  • Biobox
  • Fry-basket
  • Extra pushcores on swingarm for a few dives
  • Push cores, 12-24 per dive
  • Compartmentalized Niskin bottles, rosette?
  • Heat flow probe
  • Radium sampler (new)
  • CT-probe (new)
  • Scoop bags, 12
  • Box corer
  • Homer beacons
  • Rock drill, with core liners
  • Submarine jack hammer (if available)
  • Submarine skill saw (if available)

SCIENTISTS EQUIPMENT [*Note: weight does not include sea water]

  • Midwater Acoustic Current Meter (ACM)
  • 2 kreisel aquaria and shipping crates - Robison ~150 lbs total* 
  • 4 sets of scuba gear (including weights, no tanks) - Robison ~200 lbs total
  • 3 white collapsible pallet boxes and misc. gear - Robison ~600 lbs total 
  • 3 big white boxes/pallets of lab gear - Chavez. ~600 lbs total 
  • 1 incubator - Chavez. ~200 lbs 
  • 1 bongo frame and net and lead - Chavez ~200 lbs
  • Plastic storage shed, 6x6x3 ft, w/ table - Chavez ~200 lbs
  • 2 steel tow fish (1 as back up) + pump+block - Johnson. ~350 lbs
  • 2 Flow Injection Analysis systems+ reagents - Johnson ~250 lbs
  • 1 Air compressor - Johnson ~200 lbs
  • DJs underway mapping system, 25lbs
  • Francisco Chavez's chlorophyll filtration manifold and fluorometer, 40lbs