Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle

Materials List

Waterproof Plastic Enclosures

3 (On)-Off-(On) Toggle Switches

PVC Pipe and fittings

3 Motors (600 gph, 12 volt)

3 Dual Bladed Propellers and Mounts, 3/16" diameter prop shaft, 1/8" flex hex, .187 drive dog

Test Leads Banana Connector

Push-on Female Terminals (16-14 AWG) (one box should be plenty)

34 Electrical Fork Terminals (16-14 AWG)

1 Large Terminal Ring (16-14 AWG), and two extra large rings

1 10 AMP Fuse, plus some for backup

Fuse Holder

11 3 inch Short Stripped Wires
(18 gauge)

5 feet of Power Cord

30-50 feet 6 Core Single Tether Cable

Cable Ties


Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Two pairs of Pliers

Wire Stripper/crimper


Allen Wrenches


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Last updated:May 11, 2011