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Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle

Step 15

Now it is time to assemble the propellers and attach them to the motors. Line up all of the necessary parts. You should have a prop shaft, drive dog, electric flex hex, and a propeller.

If you look at the prop shaft, you will notice that there is a part of the shaft that is threaded. You will need to remove this portion of the shaft. There are two ways to do this: first, you could use a hack saw to cut off this portion, secondly you could use the bolt cutter part of the crimping tool to remove this. If you opt to use the bolt cutters, be very careful not to pinch your hands and watch for flying parts.

Next, take the flex hex and unscrew the two pieces and loosen the screw at the bottom with an Allen wrench.

Insert the prop shaft into the larger portion.

Slip the second piece of the flex hex onto the prop shaft and tighten. You will need to use two pairs of pliers to really tighten this connection.

Now, slide the propeller onto the prop shaft with the slotted side pointed up.

Finally, slide the drive dog onto the prop shaft so that the notches are pointing down and fit into the slots on the propeller.

Place the screw into the appropriate hole and tighten with the Allen wrench.

In order to attach the completed propeller ensemble to the motor, you will first need to remove the plastic disk at the end of the motors. Slip the end of a screw driver or other flat object under the disk and ease it off.

Place the propeller on the motor as shown and tighten the small screw with the Allen wrench. Set the prepared motors aside for a moment.

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Last updated:February 6, 2009