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Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle

Step 13

Find the end of the power cord with the female push on terminal and attach it to the connection on the end of the fuse as shown. Now, attach the other female push on terminal from the first series of wires to the connection on the top of the fuse.

Solder both of these connections and once cool, wrap the connections in electrical tape to prevent them from touching anything else.

You may now close your conduit box. Be sure to screw the top on very tightly as to ensure that the box is waterproof. Remember that you may need to bend some wires out of the way or readjust some of the connections. The finished control box should look like this:

If there are any gaps between the wires and the holes, apply a bit of hot glue to ensure that the juncture is waterproof.

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Last updated:February 6, 2009