Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2010 Intern Papers

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Project Title

Bartolome Garau Optimal survey planning for mobile observing platforms
Hana Hashim The Deep-Sea Guide: A Front-End Designer's look
Rebecca Hunter Biological community monitoring over 63 days using the Benthic Rover at 900 m depth
Sandeep Kumar Plan Visualization and HMM Estimation Reactor
Katie Lodes Student Eyes in the Sea
Melissa Luna Determining the pH of marine pore water from the in situ Raman spectra of dissolved sulfide
Roman Marin IV Wave energy for vertical profilling
Spencer Matteson Design and layout of an Environmental Sensor Board for Oceanographic Instrumentation
Christopher Matthews Web design under the sea: Autonomous underwater vehicles and the Controlled, Agile and Novel Observing Network
Katherine Morrice Nutrient Supply Due to Intermediate Mixing Events and Implications for Sampling
Matthew Russell Acid Ocean: a web based tool to communicate and present ocean acidification research
Aaron Schnittger Effective shackle for ROV manipulator operations
Sara Thomas Design and optimization of molecular assays for the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP).
Daniel Toma Interoperable Marine Monitoring System
John Virrey III Preparing the Sedimentation Event Sensor for the integration of control software from the Benthic Rover
Isobel Yeo Historic Eruptions on the Juan de Fuca and Gorda Ridges: New Insights into Diking Processes from High Resolution Bathymetry
Hang Yu Characterization of Mysterious Algal Cultures from the California Coast

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