Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2009 Intern Papers

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Project Title

Harriet Alexander Exploring picoeukaryotic diversity using small ribosomal subunit sequences
Devon Bonnie Utilizing MBARI’s Software Infrastructure and Application for MOOS (SIAM) for NOAA’s Real-time Environmental Coastal Observing Network
Joel Craig What does CTD fluorescence/bottle chlorophyll tell us about phytoplankton?
Alena Dooner Communicating the Science of Ocean Acidification to a High School Audience
Katherine Elliot Jellywatch!
Monika Frazier Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
Megan Kelso CeNCOOS in San Francisco Bay
Bryant Mairs An Autonomous Surface Vessel: The missing piece of MBARI's robotic fleet
Roman Marin Wave Energy for Vertical Profiling Applications
Alhayat Ali Mekonnen Dynamic AUV Misson and Data Visualization with Google Earth
Marco Moreira Automatic Visual Classification of Events in Underwater Video
Karen Parker Oxygen Sensor Evaluation for the Tethys Long Range AUV
Durga pavani Brundavanam Enterprise Service Bus Evaluation as Integration Platform for Ocean Observatories
Michelle Schorn Expressing a Novel Fluorescent Protein from a Mid-water Siphonophore
Kayelyn Simmons Observations of the egg cases from the holopelagic polychaete family: Tomopteridae
Taryn Takahashi CeNCOOS Harmful Algal Bloom Education
Julie Vassar Characterizing a novel 16S sequence using molecular techniques
Laura Vollset Illustrating the Observatory Middleware Framework, the Oxygen Minimum Zone, and Ocean Acidification

* manuscripts in preparation

Last updated: 1/25/2010