Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2008 Intern Papers

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Project Title

Erin Beck WASP - Sea SWATH Autonomous Multibeam Mapping Vehicle
Matthew Binder Multimedia Approach to Developing Online Marine Science Educational Products for CeNCOOS
Ashley Blacow Information Products for Evaluating MPA Success
Alison Case
Stephen Crook Estimating Economic Impacts of Coastal Hazards and
Climate Change in the
Monterey Bay
Alan Foreman Determining the Effects of Ocean Perturbations on Marine
Phytoplankton Assemblages
Kaitlin Frasier Life After Death: Characterization of Changing Whale Fall Communities
Freya Goetz Cloning and Isolation of
Unique Luciferases
Amanda Kahn Potential In situ Method for Estimating Age of Deep-sea Sponges
Temporal changes in deep-sea sponge populations are correlated to changes in surface climate and food supply
Jonathan Karp Incubator on Ocean Acidification and Photosynthesis
Catherine Leclerc Fault Diagnosis and Recovery onboard Tethys
Darcy McRose Effects of Temperature on Growth Dynamics of Key Picoeukaryotic Species
Melissa Meiner Detection of Paragorgia corals on Davidson Seamount
Zachary Olsen Experimental Culturing Unit Searching for Subseafloor Microbes
Alejandra Ortiz FRRF Measuring Effects of Light
Quantity and Quality on Micromonas
Zach Ruble Observatory Middleware Framework: Connecting Multiple Underwater Observatories
Zeyn Saigol Monte-Carlo Testing for AUV Planning Software
Olga Shatova Understanding Intermediate Nepheloid Layers: Multi-platform Approach
Harriet Skoning Effects of Light and Radiation on Micromonas puillsa and Ostreococcus tauri

* manuscripts in preparation

Last updated: 7/27/2009