Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2005 Intern Papers

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Project Title

Clarisse Bartau Using HDTV cameras in a cable-based ocean observatory.
Ritwik Biswas Methodology, design, and testing of light and temperature regulation system for a laboratory chemostat
Caroline Dietz Physical-biological coupling in Monterey Bay following a period of wind relaxation
Tzvetina Erohina Foraminferal assemblages from three southern California submarine canyons in Santa Monica Basin
Laura Figoski Fluorescent protein lure of the hydromedusa Olindias formosa attracts prey
Megan Fuchs A High CO2, low pH Ocean: The FOCE Experiment and CO2 Reaction Kinetics
Katrina Fuller From macroarrays to microarrays: Adapting the ESP sandwich hybridization to a new platform
Paul Mahacek Revenge of the SWATH
Jerome Mariette Segmentation of objects in underwater video
Urlette Reyes LINKing Monterey Bay
Robin Svensson Does the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (IDH) apply to deep-sea benthic communities in Monterey Canyon?
Joanna Tennant Stable Isotope analysis of the little red jellies: Are they eating different foods?
David Tolan Replacing MOOS fiber communication link with copper loops using xDSL
Sasha Tozzi Part 1: Investigation of photochemical reactivity of iron in seawater. Part 2: Spatical and temporal dynamics of variable fluorescence in the California current and Monterey Bay
Pierre Venuat MBARI Deep Sea Guide: Designing a web interface that represents information about the Monterey Bay deep sea world.

* manuscripts in preparation

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