Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

2004 Intern Papers

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Project Title

Emily Crawford Mineralogic and chemical analysis of greenstones from the Central Segment of the Gorda Ridge: evidence of greenschist facies hydrothermal alteration in pillow lavas at slow spreading ridges.
Thy Duong Implementing a Searchable Database, Reporting Broken Links, and Refining Search Results
Wiley Evans A carbon budget for the California upwelling system
Cheri Everlove Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control with a 3 Actuator False Center Mechanism
Barbara Johnson Video Lighting Interface Card
Ishbel Kerkez Automated Event Detection in Video of Benthic Habitat *
Annika Mitchell The Application of Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Video Footage to Benthic Habitat Mapping: A Pilot Study of Carmel Canyon Head.
Ben Potter The Keck Project (Observatories without Cables): Seafloor Observatory Installation, Intervention, and Troubleshooting
Meg Rippy Symbiont Population Structure in Riftia and Oasisia at 21N: an examination of direct sequencing, host specificity, & the effects of geography on haplotype frequency
Kristen Schmidt Gas hydrate and methane plumes at Hydrate Ridge
Sarah Skikne Effects of Diet on Ephyrae Growth and Development*
Miranda Watts The role of fluorescence in feeding and prey attraction in the hydromedusa Olindias formosa*

* manuscripts in preparation

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