EARTH 2017 – Day 1

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Monday—July 17, 2017

Location: Monterey, CA

Objective: Day 1 Introduction to EARTH and Polar Science
0700–0830 Breakfast
0830–0900 Overview of goals and objectives of workshop George Matsumoto
0900–1000 Science Presentation Alma Parada
Stanford University
1000–1015 Break
1015–1100 Dataset Exploration
1100–1200 Rubric Presentations
1200–1300 Lunch (catered)
1300–1400 Science Presentation Ken Johnson
1400–1445 Dataset Exploration
1445–1500 Break
1500–1630 Lesson Evaluation Presentations

A Whale of a Tale

  • Jill Lytle
  • Patricia Hester-Fearon
  • Jacqueline Galella
  • Jill Ohlsen
  • Beth Marass

What is the Bigger Picture?

  • Beth Marass
  • Jillian Worssam
  • Joanna Chierici
  • Nancy FitzGerald

What’s Really Under the Ocean?

  • Nancy FitzGerald
  • Steven Allen
  • Cathy McBride

Appearances are Deceiving

  • Danielle Marshall

Arctic WARMing Engineering Challenge

  • Elizabeth Eubanks

Are Adelie Penguins Getting the “Cold Shoulder?”

  • Miriam Sutton

Tag! You’re It!

  • Miriam Sutton

The Blue Mud Shrimp Mystery

  • Megan McCall

Citizen Science Using JellyWatch

  • Katie Lodes

Crossing the Pacific

  • Katie Lodes

Microbes and Climate

Microbes are a BLAST

  • Patrick Murray

Ocean Acidification: Is There a Problem?

  • Dierdre Gonzales
  • Stacey Sebert
  • Kristina Hayda

Where Do The Nutrients Go?

  • Kathy Couchon

Making Air out of Oceans

  • Kathy Couchon
0700–0830 Daily Evaluation
1830 Dinner


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