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Emergencies and contacts

Using R/V Paragon in an Emergency:

R/V Paragon is available for emergency response.  Of the MBARI fleet, R/V Paragon is the fastest, requires the least amount of startup time, and if necessary, can be operated with a single operator.  R/V Paragon is ideal for time sensitive operations such as locating lost equipment, keeping equipment from washing ashore, delivering/receiving supplies or personnel from R/V Western Flyer and R/V Rachel Carson.

  1. For permission to use R/V Paragon in an emergency, attempt to contact the director or deputy director of DMO first, then Jared Figurski or Eric Fitzgerald (see below for contact information).
  2. If after hours, call cell phone numbers (see below for contact information).
  3. R/V Paragon may not be used if permission has not been obtained.
  4. If dire conditions exist and R/V Paragon is used without permission, all possible avenues to acquire permission must be exhausted.  The circumstances will be subject to review by the director of DMO.
  5. Jared Figurski and Eric Fitzgerald are pre-authorized for overtime in the event that they are required as operators for emergencies.


Emergency Communication:

In the event of an emergency at sea, the operator should take all necessary precautions to stabilize the situation.  The operator must then notify appropriate emergency responders and MBARI contacts (listed below) as soon as possible. Many resources are available to assist mariners at sea.

1.   US Coast Guard
VHF 16
(415) 399-3300

2.   Emergency Response

3.   Vessel Assist
VHF 16

4.   Recreational Boaters
VHF 11

5.   Moss Landing Harbor
VHF 16
Office: (831) 633-2461
Nights/Weekends/Emergencies: 831-970-3334

6.   Santa Cruz Harbor
VHF 16/9
Office: (831) 475-6161
After Hours: (831) 212-4261

7.   Monterey Harbor
VHF 16/5
Office: (831) 646-3950
After Hours: (831) 594-7760

MBARI Contact Information:

1. Paul Coenen, Electro-Mechanical Technician
Work: (831) 775-2099
Cell: (831) 334-7285
Office: B228

2.   Steve Etchemendy, Director of Marine Operations
Work: (831) 775-1902
Cell: (831) 229-6119
Office: B247

3.   Jared Figurski, Ocean Observatory Technician
Work: (831) 775-1967
Cell: (831) 818-2769
Office: B147, B149, Buoy Assembly Room,

4.   Eric Fitzgerald, Dock Foreman/Deckhand
Work: (831) 775-1934
Cell: (831) 601-1408
Office: B108.23

5. Brett Hobson
Work: (831) 775-1941
Office: B203

6. Brian Kieft, Software Engineer
Work: (831) 775-2070
Cell: (831) 334-7658
Office: B208.21

7. Gene Massion
Work: (831) 775-1922
Office: A228

8. Erich Rienecker
Work: (831) 775-1854
Cell: (831) 915-7128
Office: B149

9. Chris Wahl
Work: (831) 775-1746
Office: A254



Last updated: Jan. 17, 2015