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Ocean Observatory, Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley conducts mooring maintenance

Mooring operations

  • Mooring Operations is responsible for the deployment and recovery of local moorings in Monterey Bay. The group also performs maintenance and diving operations for the moorings. 
  • Assembly and instrument integration includes cabling and wiring, calibrations, set-up, testing, trouble-shooting, and repairing.  Moorings currently deployed are recovered annually and replaced with a refurbished mooring (a mooring turnaround). 
  • Moorings and platforms currently supported by the Ocean Observatory group include M0, M1, M2, MOOS and the MVP.
  • More mooring, microwave photos

Mount Toro Microwave    

  • The Ocean Observatory group also maintains the MBARI microwave infrastructure. The 180-foot tower on Mount Toro provides microwave  links between MBARI, the vessels, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

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Mooring Collaborations

  • MBARI collaborated with UCLA by assisting with setup and deployment of the MUCLA mooring. MBARI assists with service and deployment of the Naval Postgraduate School's S2 sub-surface sediment mooring. 

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Last updated: Jun. 04, 2015