Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Operations
Marine Operations Technicians

Our technicians assist in the success of MBARI's marine operations, science, and engineering goals. They design, maintain and assemble the gear requested for science missions, including hydrographic and ROV-based equipment. They also support instruments such as CTDs and rosettes, homer beacons, and coring and sampling equipment (such as detritus samplers, suction carousels, water samplers.) Additionally, they provide support in the planning, design and fabrication of new tools and electronic devices in support of MBARI's scientific goals. 

Who to contact:

Mike Conway assists in the development and fabrication of new devices for ROV-based experiments.

Erich Rienecker is the contact for institute CTD operations and maintenance, and homer beacon use. 

Dave French for electronic instruments.

Eric Fitzgerald is the dock foreman. He provides crane services, maintains the MBARI dock, provides vessel and ROV support, and monitors small boats. 

The group is led by Chris Grech, Deputy Director of Marine Operations.


Last updated: Mar. 05, 2013