Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Marine Operations

Marine Operations Policies

Minors at Sea

  • Due to MBARI insurance liability issues, minors are not allowed onboard any MBARI vessel. Minors are defined as anyone under age 18. Only MBARI employees or qualified scientists may board the institute's vessels.



R/V Western Flyer

  • Science Party Size
  • Departure and Arrival Times
  • Extended Days
  • Staying onboard prior to early departure time
  • R/V Western Flyer shoreside operating hours are 0700-1530 five days a week. After these hours the vessel will be locked and secured from access.
  • The R/V Western Flyer has a small RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) that should only be used in special circumstances since it impacts core vessel operations. Due to USCG work/rest rules RHIB runs must be completed by 1930. This schedule restriction may require early termination of ROV dive operations depending on dive site and transfer location.

R/V Rachel Carson


Last updated: May. 15, 2014