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April 7, 2015
Visitors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium enter the new MBARI exhibit
Visitors at the Monterey Bay Aquarium enter the new "Mission to the Deep" exhibit, which features MBARI deep-sea research.

What’s it like to explore the depths of Monterey Canyon using an underwater robot? Visitors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium can find out in a new exhibit and auditorium program that highlight MBARI’s deep-sea research.

Fractured lava on seafloor
This spectacular pattern of radial cracks was exposed when a fault split apart a lava flow on the Alarcón Rise in the Gulf of California.

April 7, 2015

MBARI researchers recently began the fifth leg of a three-month-long research expedition in the Gulf of California. Over the next two weeks, marine geologists led by Dave Clague will use MBARI's remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Doc Ricketts to study underwater volcanoes and lava flows in the Gulf.
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A simple, open-source camera system for underwater monitoring
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