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MBARI Software
MBARI science and engineering staff often write software to assist in their projects.

This page provides links to any such programs that we are making available for download.

  • MB-System
    A package for the processing and display of data from swath mapping sonars
  • ReefGrow
    A classroom tool for visualizing the processes controlling coral reef development and demise
  • Shore Side Data System
    (Future distribution) A software system for managing and presenting numerous and diverse data sets.
  • Software Infrastructure and Applications for MOOS ("SIAM")
    A framework for seamless integration of self-describing, plug-and-work instruments into the Monterey Ocean Observatory System, remote instrument control from shore, data acquisition and telemetry, autonomous system management, and autonomous event detection and response.
  • nctoolbox
    a Matlab toolbox that provides read-only access to common data model datasets. Under the hood, nctoolbox uses NetCDF-Java as the data access layer. This allows nctoolbox to access NetCDF, OPeNDAP, HDF5, GRIB, GRIB2, HDF4 and many (15+) other file formats and services using the same API. It works with Matlab 2008a and later.
  • Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS)The Video Annotation and Reference System (VARS) is a software interface and database system that provides tools for describing, cataloging, retrieving, and viewing the visual, descriptive, and quantitative data associated with MBARI's deep-sea video archives.

MBARI provides software "as is", with no warranty, express or implied, of the software quality or consistency. Software is provided without support and without obligation on the part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to assist in its use, correction, modification, or enhancement.

Last updated: Oct. 22, 2013