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ROV Doc Ricketts in the test tank

After purchasing the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Doc Ricketts in 2008, MBARI's ROV pilots spent months preparing the vehicle for scientific work. By the spring of 2009, they were ready to dunk it in MBARI's test tank. Constructed in 2001, this concrete tank is about 9 meters wide, 14 meters across, and 10 meters deep (30 x 45 x 35 feet) and holds 1.42 million liters (375,000 gallons) of water. It can't simulate the pressure of the deep sea, but its does help us test for leaks and adjust the ballast on our instruments and vehicles. In this photo, you can see the pilots testing one of the ROV's two red lasers, which help scientists figure out the sizes of objects captured by the ROV's video cameras. Photo: Todd Walsh © 2008 MBARI

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