Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

What is ArcNav?

  • ArcNav is an extension for ArcView 3.x developed within MBARI that incorporates oceanographic data as it is collected (in real-time) and imports the data into the ArcView display.
  • ArcNav continuously updates data files and the position and orientation of scaled graphic objects indicating the true position and heading of vehicles.
  • Vehicles and their location in geographically registered oceanographic data sets are represented as icons on data layers.

Future of ArcNav at MBARI

Although ArcNav has been key to the success of many scientific cruises at MBARI, there is a need to update the application as software, technology, and equipment changes. To this end and as time permits, we have begun a survey of the available tracking solutions that exist "off the shelf."

For more information and to see the status of this research, please see Tracking Solutions Survey: ArcNav Migration Path.

For a detailed explanation of ArcNav please see:
The Customization of ArcView as a Real-Time Tool for Oceanographic Research.

For a detailed technical description of ArcNav please see:
The ArcNav Real-Time Extension (v.1.0) for ArcView (v3.0): Users Guide: