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JPG images will be provided by default. These will have the filenames converted to be PC-friendly. Higher quality PNG images are available. If the user has access to UNIX, "tar" files can be provided. Contact Lonny Lundsten if you wish this option. Whole directories of images grabbed from video will have filenames like fg1998285.tar. One hundred frame grabs will be approximately 100Mb when "tarred". Because the filenames of the images themselves are not Windows or Macintosh friendly (they have colons in them), these directories must be un-tarred on a UNIX machine. Once they are un-tarred, the files may be viewed in a web browser (best if the server is a UNIX platform), with the exception of the older format, RBG, which must be opened with SGI UNIX. To un-tar the tar file, on a UNIX machine, at a prompt, type:

tar -xvf filename

The directory will now contain files like these:

  • Filenames like 00:37:05:11.jpg are JPG formatted images (contain text overlay of time and frame-code).
  • Filenames like 00:37:05:11.png are PNG formatted images (better quality than JPG and larger file size; recent images only).
  • Filenames like 00:37:05:11.rgb.gz are g-zip compressed SGI RGB format and must be viewed and converted on an SGI machine (older images only).
  • Filenames like 2000001-jpg-1.html are slideshows of thumbnails. View in a web browser. The full-sized images can be seen by clicking on the thumbnails.To convert colons to underscores, which are PC and Mac friendly:

At the ftp prompt from a UNIX machine to another UNIX machine, type:

ftp> ntrans : _

then do a "put" or "get" and it will change all occurrences of : to _Explanation of the videologr and camera log filesThe videologr.dat.gz files contain all video timecode information for an entire day which also includes times when the vehicle is not diving and therefore, scientists are not recording. The camera log file contains data that has been "cleaned up" to eliminate duplicate timecode values and null timecode values such as 99:99:99:99 and 88:88:88:88, therefore only containing video timecodes that are sequentially incrementing with GMT time (shown as decimal hour).Here's a sample heading for camera log files:MBARI Data Logging Archive
Title: Video Timecode Data
Julian Date: 1998-223
Year Day Hour Timecode Frame Depth Focus Zoom Iris Field HD Timecode
1998 223 13.800302 00:00:00:00 0 -9999 0 0 0 0.00
1998 223 16.380296 00:00:00:23 23 -9999 -367 -511 0 177.37
1998 223 16.380576 00:00:01:26 56 -9999 -367 -511 0 177.37
1998 223 16.381138 00:00:04:02 122 -9999 -367 -511 0 177.37
1998 223 16.381948 00:00:06:07 187 -9999 -367 -511 0 177.37

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