Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
T-REX2 agent

A new version of T-REX is now available as a public project. This new version is a complete rewrite of the code which was initiated for a project where it was needed to replace europa-pso engine by another planner.

It served as a basis for our aamas 2010. Therefore, its implementation is very close to the formal design specified in this paper. Since then we added new features providing more flexibility :

  • The reactor relation graph is always maintained by the agent allowing in the future to create new reactors on the fly
  • Graceful system degradation on reactor's failure
  • The system supports plugins allowing to easily extends it with new reactors, clock implementation or domains types
  • and many other tweaks ...
We are also actively working on integrating a recent version of europa into a plug-in implementing a deliberative reactor based on this framework.

The aim of this version is to be used by us but also by the community. You can find the project page at this address :

Last updated: Jun. 08, 2011