Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
T-REX Architecture

The Autonomy Group was active at MBARI from October 3, 2005 to October 18, 2013

Acknowledgment :

We thank MBARI's DMO AUV team Hans Thomas, Duane Thompson and Doug Conlin and the crew of the R/V Zephyr in making this cruise successful. We are grateful to Martha del Alto, Larry Barone, Javier Barreiro, Dave Korsmeyer and Robin Orans  of NASA Ames Research Center in making the EUROPA Planner available.

Latest news :

September 2011 2 weeks with TREX overnight missions supervised from shore. [more]
June 8 2011 A new version of TREX is now pubicly available [more]
2009-2011 A lot of work to make TREX becomes a robust controller able to deal with 18 hours of mission without failure
May 7th 2009 Front following with Mixed Initiative from shore [more]
November 2008 Long duration INL survey [more]
January 10th 2008 Sixth T-REX field trial : dynamic INL mapping [more]
November 21st 2007 Fourth T-REX field trial : dynamic plume mapping [more]
September 21st 2007 Third T-REX field trial and first science mission [more]
July 25th 2007 Second T-REX field trial [more]
June 20th 2007 T-REX first experiment [more]
Last updated: Oct. 21, 2013