Appearances are Deceiving

This lesson is intended to introduce students to selection processes that govern convergent evolution.  Students will focus on analogous physical and behavioral characteristics of organisms that are found in the deep ocean and how these characteristics are adaptive to this environment.  Additionally students will discuss the analogous nature of the chemicals that produce bioluminescence and suggest hypotheses on how and why these chemicals are used. Corollaries to terrestrial and cave ecosystems shall also be discussed.

Authors: Becky Kapley, Devon Lee; EARTH 2006

Lesson Resources

Teacher Feedback

Integrating this unit with Adaptations/Genetics instruction worked very well.  Students had firm background knowledge of the reasons for adaptations and were able to apply this to the deep sea creatures.  Instead of the students just saying “Wow, this is so cool!” The comments were more like, “These animals use that lure to attract prey…that is such a cool adaptation!”  I just love it when 8th graders talk that way!—K. Alegado, Maple Valley, WA


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