Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Researchers at MBARI

MBARI's diverse staff brings a wide range of expertise in oceanography and engineering to its many research projects. A core group of engineers and scientists set the direction for MBARI's research initiatives. These principal investigators also serve as mentors to postdoctoral research fellows and research specialists. In addition, MBARI invites a select number of adjunct researchers to propose and lead projects.

Jim Barry, Benthic Ecologist
Benthic (seafloor) ecology, both temperate and polar, deep-sea communities

Peter Brewer, Ocean Chemist
Geochemistry, hydrates, marine and aquatic chemistry, global carbon-dioxide, biogeochemical cycles, environmental science

Francisco Chavez, Biological Oceanographer
Biological oceanography, primary productivity, El Niño, effects of climate variability on ocean productivity, seasonal and interannual variability in the California Current System, harmful algal blooms

David Clague, Geologist
Volcanology, volcanic hazards, submarine volcanism, and hydrothermal systems

Steve Haddock, Marine Biologist
Bioluminescence (molecular to oceanographic scales), gelatinous zooplankton of the deep-sea and open ocean, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, phylogenetics, and diversity

Ken Johnson, Chemist
Chemistry, nutrient sensors, role of iron and other micronutrients in oceanic primary production

Charles Paull, Geologist
Fluxes of fluids and gases through continental margins, gas hydrates

Bruce Robison, Midwater Ecologist
Midwater ecology, undersea technology, deep-water biology, biology and ecology of Monterey Canyon, oceanic biodiversity, oceanographic research vessels

Chris Scholin, Molecular Biologist, MBARI President & CEO
Molecular probes, ecogenomic sensors, harmful algal blooms, toxic algae

Ken Smith, Marine Ecologist
Deep-sea community ecology, climate change and the deep-ocean carbon cycle, ecology of Antarctic ecosystems, deep-ocean technology

Robert Vrijenhoek, Evolutionary Biologist
Evolutionary genetics, marine biology, conservation; research studies focused on the ecological and evolutionary consequences of genetic diversity in animals

Alexandra Worden, Molecular Microbial Ecologist
Carbon cycling, trophic interactions, genomic, metagenomics and transcriptomic approaches to microbial oceanography

Last updated: Feb. 04, 2015